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Best 2D Product Type Collection

These are collections with a variety of designs and forms that are easy to wear, high-quality fabrics and safe for the skin. These 2D Product Type are often available in terms of models and types.

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Within the framework of uniform t-shirt printing, 2D images are understood as images consisting of monochrome colors, which are combined together in different color blocks to create objects. 2D images show the space horizontally and vertically, but not the depth space of the object through shadow, lighting or color effects.


T-shirt is the most basic t-shirt line in the t-shirt line known to everyone thanks to its loose shape, round neck and short sleeves. It is one in 2D Product Type. This round neck t-shirt is very popular with people all over the world because it is really easy to wear and easy to use and maintain. You can wear the round neck shirt to a picnic, to meet friends, attend extra school, attend sporting events or simply wear it at home. Although the shirt pattern is very simple, actually the simpler something is, the harder it is to make it perfect.T-shirt is a type of shirt made from cotton, spandex or sometimes other materials to create a characteristic softness. T-shirts are easy to wear, easy to wash, cool and soft, so they are often used in hot summer weather. It is no coincidence that t-shirt lines are so popular in the market. With features that are easy to wear, convenient and suitable for many objects, T-shirts are always the "best seller" in the fashion market in many different situations. Besides, T-shirts also have many other outstanding advantages that you should definitely own this item in your wardrobe. Easy to wear, easy to coordinate with other items to create many different styles. The advantage of T-shirts is the variety of designs from materials, colors to designs printed on the shirt. Less wrinkles, no need to iron a lot. Suitable for both activities that require a lot of movement and low cost


A hoodie is a loose form, hip length or longer, with a hood, and comes with a drawstring to keep the head warm. Felt fabric, spandex, ... are popular and common materials for making hoodies. It is one in 2D Product Type Hoodie is widely used from going to school, going to town or meeting. Whether you like simplicity, dynamism or personality, a hoodie can help you. A hoodie has the following design features: a wide form, hip length, a hood, and often has a front pocket. This shirt style is suitable for both men and women to wear everyday and especially on cold days.


A sweatshirt is a t-shirt with long sleeves and a round neck, usually made of cotton or fleece. Sweatshirts may or may not have a front zipper. It is one in 2D Product Type Sweatshirts are extremely popular in many other countries around the world because of their comfort. In addition, sweatshirts are diverse in design and can be combined with many different types of outfits. The Sweatshirt was inspired by a sweater worn by Benjamin, the son of the owner of a lingerie business in Alabama. Wearing a sweater when playing sports made Benjamin feel uncomfortable. Moreover, after a few washes, the sweater shows signs of shrinking and shortening. Mr. Benjamin used the felt material used to make his underwear instead of the wool used to make his son's shirt at the time. Shirts made of this material have now become popular throughout the United States. The tailors have named this style Sweatshirt.The Style Cavalry Store has prepared great quality products to suit everyone. Let's take a look at the 2D Product Type models of us.