I really wish, I could enter the new year wearing this gorgeous dress from Miu Miu. Instead I’m playing it safe by wearing all black. I’m headed out the door now. I’ll be back to regular blogging in the new year – until then Happy New Year.


Acne Resort 2012. My heart is set on the Lucille dress in both blue and black, the distressed jeans, the Alice shoes, the Castle tweed skirt, the Judy shirt (also available in black) and the chunky knit. All really good for my basic wardrobe (alright, alright perhaps not the jeans). I really would love to be able to wear the...


Couldn’t help gaze at little over this Celine bag at Selfridges the other day. So beautiful. I also had my eye on a beautiful clutch (check out which one on my Facebook-page). I wish I could buy them both. I think, they are really useful for both everyday use and evening wear.


I always keep the jewelery I use the most at the moment right next to my closet. That way I remember to put them on. Right now these four pieces are my favourite: vintage Cohn and Rosenberger earrings from a vintage store at Portobello Road, DanniJo earrings from It’s and Keis by Schmidt rings. Now I really need to get...


A little less than a year ago I tried incorporating the 5 piece French wardrobe-principle into my shopping. It didn’t go that well but I’m thinking of giving it another try in the new year. Thus with a different set of rules or a moderation of the rules and simply focusing on building the perfect wardrobe. Before I go ahead...