BEAUTY // April 15th 2014

So recently I started running. Previously I use to do it a lot but in the recent years I’ve primarily been going to the gym. But after getting a dog and having a fulltime job, I just finder it harder and harder to spare those extra hours for the gym. And therefore I felt like running was the right exercise to go for – especially since I most often can run home from work. But I didn’t know how to get started - fortunately running coach ANNE HVIID (she's is freaking cool - check out her Instagram, username below) was there to help – and now I signed up for Copenhagen's Women's Race in June. Fortunately the great Anne is here for you too. Here are her tips and pointers for getting those legs going.


How do I start? To get the best start, I think you should set up a goal. The goal can be a specific race, a faster time or just to get out and run 2-3 times weekly. And then of course a training program that commits.


How often and how long should I run?Be careful in the beginning. The risks of injuries are high if you push your body too much. The body must be built to run. 2-4 times a week, depending on whether you are a new or a more experienced runner.


How do I keep myself motivated?Specific goals are always motivational. Meeting up in a running club and sharing your experience with others is always a good idea. Or signing up for a race is always a way to keep you going.  


How do I beat the boredom? Socialize on the run or listen to your favourite music. I've even heard of some who like to listen to books while they run.


Is it better to run in the morning or at night? You should definitely test and figure out what works for you. Some feel most comfortable running in the morning, while others have the best feeling at night. So figure it and fit it into your everyday life.


 Is it better to run alone or with others? It varies. I like to run with others. Because of the social element and that you are able to push yourself even further while running with others.


Can I lose weight? Yes, but it often requires more than just running. If you combine it with a healthy lifestyle, then you can easily lose weight. Running is a very effective way to burn calories. When you activate the major muscle groups of the body, you use loads of energy.


Is it enough to run – or should I lift some weights too?
Lifting weights are always a good idea as it makes the body more responsive to running. Do it a couple of times weekly.


Any greats run I should participate in this summer?There are loads of great races in Copenhagen, but if you want to try a 10k run, the Copenhagen 10 K Women's Run on June 15th is a must. It’s so much fun.


Five essentials for running?
Running watchrunning shoes, clothesrunning arm band and fish oil.


Join the race:
Københavns Kvindeløb Powerade Copenhagen Half Marathon Copenhagen Marathon  





LOOK // April 15th 2014

Who doesn't need an embellished top? A bit over the top but just right with a pair of denim jeans.


Get your own right here.


Hvem har ikke brug for en top med sten? En smule i overkanten, men helt rigtig med et par gode denim jeans.



BEAUTY // April 14th 2014

Hands down one of the best body scrubs I ever tried. Why you might ask? I simply love the almost whipped-cream-like-texture that really polishes the skin but in a delicate way. Also it leaves your skin with the most amazing scent of tiger orchid and lotus flower. Yours for only 9 euros. Such a bargain.


Buy the Punk Bouquet Body Scrub from & Other Stories here.


Helt ærligt en af de bedste body scrubs jeg nogensinde har prøvet. Hvorfor spørger du så nu? Jamen, fordi den har en næsten flødeskumslignende tekstur, der virkelig skrubber huden på en meget forsigtig måde plus den efterlader din hud med den mest fantastiske duft af orkide og lotusblomst. Og så koster den kun 75 kr.




FASHION // April 13th 2014

The epitome of Parisian chicness and the perfect wavy bob. Oh Clémence Poésy how I love you.


Picture via Harper's Bazaar


Indbegrebet af parisisk chicness og den helt perfekte wavy page. Clémence Poésy du er alt for sej.



FASHION // April 13th 2014

In his very first post on instagram, Alexander Wang has revealed that he is teaming up with highstreet-darling H&M on a design-collaboration. Wang, who is fresh off his third collection for Balenciaga, is definitely going to create a craze with this one. Well done H&M. The collection is out on November 6th 2014.


Som den allerførste post på hans instagram, afslørede Alexander Wang i nat, at han har teamet op med H&M og dermed er highstreet-gigantens næste design-collab. Wang, der netop har vist sin tredje kollektion hos Balenciaga, kommer uden tvivl til at skaber hysteri- Godt gået H&M. Kollektionen er i butikkerne 6. november 2014.



INTERIOR // April 12th 2014

My new Lampe Gras N214 designed in 1922 by Bernard-Albin Gras. I'm in love with the functional esthetic. So cool. I bought it in one of my favorite interior shops in Copenhagen, Beau Marche, which is definitely worth a visit. Next purchase for my home is a Maroccan carpet. I got my eyes on this beauty from Kirsten Fribert.


Min nye Lampe Gras N214 designet i 1922 af franskmanden Bernard-Albin Gras. Jeg er helt forelsket i den funktionelle æstetik. Så sejt altså. Jeg har købt den i en af mine favorit butikker i København, Beau Marche, der helt bestemt er et besøg værd.Næste køb til mit hjem er forhåbentlig et marokkansk tæppe. Jeg har udset mig et smukt et af slagsen fra Kirsten Fribert.



BEAUTY // April 11th 2014

You definitely need to re-think your (like me) aversion towards blue eye makeup because it’s back and perhaps a stronger look than ever. But don’t completely despair, you have until AW14 to get use to the idea but from there on blue eye-makeup is inevitable. Be inspired by Temperley London (a bright blue flick on the eye), Derek Lam (a subtle blue-gryish smokey-eye) or – my personal favorite – Giles (see more below).



For the Giles version all you need is just one line of an icy blue eyeliner etched along the entire length of the lower lashes and into the inner corner of the eye – easy peasy – all though I opted for a blue eye shadow from Tromborg instead of the eyeliner. I think it’s much easier to handle for a makeup-accident-waiting-to-happen like me and it's a bit more subtle if you are trying it out for the first time.



Get the Tromborg ice-blue eye shadow here


Du er nok nødt til at komme dig over – hvis du som mig – har en aversion mod blå øjenmakeup. Det er nemlig tilbage og stærkere end nogensinde. Men fortvivl ikke helt, du har indtil AW14 til at vænne dig til looket, men så er det også helt uundgåeligt. Bliv inspireret at Temperley London (en cat-eye-inspireret bue), Derek Lam (en let blå-grå smokey-eye) eller min personlige favorit Giles (se mere nedenfor).


For at få det helt rette Giles-look skal du med en blå eyeliner tegne en streg langs de nederste vipper og helt op til den inderste øjenkrog. Easy peasy – jeg valgte dog at benytte en blå øjenskygge fra Tromborg i stedet for en eyeliner. Jeg synes nemlig, den er lettere at styre for en som mig, der mere eller mindre er en makeup-accident-waiting-to-happen og så er det en smule mere diskret, hvis det er et look du lige skal vænne dig til.




BEAUTY // April 10th 2014

I have so many makeup brushes. I don't really know how I managed to collect that many, especially since I don't really know how to properly use them. Anyway these are my favorites.

Bobbi Brown foundation brush, Tromborg powder brush, Tromborg blush brush, Jane Iredale eyeshadow brush and Tromborg Kabuki brush.


Jeg har så mange forskellige makeup-pensler, og det sjove er, at jeg ikke helt ved hvad jeg skal bruge dem til. Dog har jeg mine favoritter - som jeg ved hvordan man bruger.




LOOK // April 10th 2014

Three’s a trend and you definitely don’t question Balenciaga, 3.1 Philip Lim or Peter Som about the legitimacy of marble print on their catwalk. The beautiful swirly motif (which is both eye-catching and bold) is easy to wear – and a great way to embrace the print-trend without feeling to attention seeking. I combined the head-to-toe marble print with a bare midriff, another SS14 trend. That certainly took some self-convincing to leave the house like that.


By Malene Birger top and skirt, available from May.


Tre er en trend, og jeg sætter absolut ikke spørgsmålstegn ved hverken Balenciaga, 3.1 Philip Lim eller Peter Soms marmor-print på catwalken. Det smukke snurrede mønster, der både er iøjnefaldende og cool, er en let måde at imødekomme sæsonens print-trend - uden at føle sig alt for opmærksomhedskrævende. Jeg kombinerede mit full-look marmor med en anden af SS14’s største tendenser, det bare maveskind. Det tog noget tid at overbevise mig selv om at forlade huset på den måde, men jeg gjorde det.





ACCESSORIES // April 9th 2014

More bling in my closet (remember the bling bling sandals?). It's outrageous. But as previously argued, bling gives your look an instant update. I'm currently really into carrying my clutch the Céline-way (tucked under my arm, pulled close to my body and wrist - just take a look here). It's so casual with a twist. Just the way I like it. Also make sure you check out my guide on how to wear your bag in the right AW14-catwalk-manner here.


By Malene Birger Edika clutch


Det er helt uvant, men ja, der er faktisk rykket endnu mere bling ind i mit skab (husker I bling-bling sandalerne?) Anyway fordi jeg ofte går så klassisk klædt, synes jeg faktisk, at al det bling giver mit look en hurtig update. I øjeblikket er jeg helt besat af at bære min taske på Céline-måden (halv-gemt under armen og tæt på krop og håndled – se selv her). Det er afslappet med et twist. Se hvordan du ellers kan bære din taske på den helt rette catwalk-måde her.




FASHION // April 8th 2014

Birthday gift from some amazing friends. I love it. Thanks Maiken, Cindie, Sara and Jan.


Buy Chloé Attitudes: Six Decades of Style on Amazon.


Fødselsdagsgave fra de bedste venner. Jeg er vild med bogen. Tak  Maiken, Cindie, Sara og Jan.



FASHION // April 7th 2014

Combining some personal favorites: BLK DNM leather jacket, By Malene Birger floral tank top (available from May), Tiger jeans and the Proenza Schouler boots I recently rediscovered.


En kombination af nogle personlige favoritter: BLK DNM læderjakke, By Malene Birger blomstrede tanktop (i butikker fra midt maj), Tiger jeans og Proenza Schouler støvler, som jeg for nyligt fandt i gemmerne.



ACCESSORIES // April 7th 2014

I’m really into little fingers rings at the moment and these two are my favorites. I also really like mixing gold and silver. At one point that use to be strictly forbidden fashion wise but these last few seasons it really has been the thing to do. 


Miss Rayne ring from Line & Jo and The Oval Ring from Rebekka Rebekka available at Band of Jules.



Jeg er virkelig in to lillefinger-ringe for tiden og disse to er mine favoritter. Derudover er jeg også ret begejstret for at mikse guld og sølv og selvom det har været totalt no-no en overgang, så har  et heldigvis været helt tilladt de sidste par sæsoner.





ACCESSORIES // April 6th 2014

I seem to be talking a lot about spring and summer these days but it’s simply because I can’t wait much longer. I even started buying sandals – and actually wore them outside for 30 minutes earlier this week. I can tell you, it wasn’t warm but it was worth it. And this brings me to what this post is actually about: my new sandals, say hi to my new loves: my bling bling sandals. I quite like how they can take an outfit from dull to fab in a matter of seconds. Imagine this: a warm summer day (back to where it all started), beautiful painted nails (preferably in this color), a pair of ripped denim jeans (and yes, you are right, my infatuation is getting ridiculous), a perfectly fitted tee (I think, I might have found the life-changing version - more on this later), the company of best friends (you know who you are), wine (white all the way) and my new sandals. Sounds like sweet music to my ears. Getting them in both oak and black might have been a "tad" over-doing it but what can a girl do?


Jeg synes ikke, jeg snakker om andet en forår og sommer for tiden, men det er vist fordi jeg virkelig længes efter sol, varme og lyse nætter. Måske det også er derfor, jeg er gået amok og købt (to par) nye sandaler – og faktisk havde jeg dem på – udenfor – i 30 min i dag. Det var ikke varmt, men det var det værd. Men tilbage til hvad det her indlæg handler om, mine bling bling sandaler. Hvad jeg godt kan lide ved dem er, at de på få sekunder kan forvandle mit outfit fra kedeligt til festligt – og forestil dig så lige det her: en varm sommerdag (tilbage til hvor det hele startede), smukke farverige negle på fødderne (helst i denne farve), et par hulled jeans (og ja, helt korrekt, min besættelse er ved at blive latterligt), selskab af de bedste venner (I ved selv hvem I er), vin (hvid selvfølgelig) og så sandalerne. Lyder helt perfekt i mine ører. Og igen I har ret - at købe to par, hvor eneste forskel er farven, er muligvis lidt overdrevent, men hvad skulle jeg gøre?



FASHION // April 4th 2014

Print seems to be gaining more and more ground in my wardrobe and here is a selection of the print favorites at the moment: Marble and floral.


Print vinder mere og mere indpas i min garderobe og her er et udvalg af min favorit prints lige for tiden: marmor og blomster.



BEAUTY // April 3rd 2014

A true M-I-R-A-C-L-E plus Kate Moss uses it. I'm in love with the styling Forme Fatale from Kérastase that - I promise - gives your hair amazing texture and volume. Enough said.


Get you own Kérastase Styling Forme Fatale at Lookfantastic.com


Et sandt M-I-R-A-K-E-L plus Kate Moss bruger den. Jeg er helt forelsket i styling gelen Forme Fatale fra Kérastase, der - og jeg lover det - giver dit hår en fantastisk tekstur og masser af volume. Enough said.



LOOK // April 1st 2014

“Floral? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Miranda Priestly might have been right but still floral print truly is the embodiment of spring and it seems I just might have an on-going love affair with that exact print. Fortunately it’s still very much in-season but then again when was it ever really not? Everyone from Etro to Matthew Williamson, Marni to Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney to Christian Dior had their very own interpretation of the print, so don’t be afraid – you can do no wrong. 


By Malene Birger pre-fall floral sweater (available from May)


“Floral? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Miranda Priestly har måske ret, men ikke desto mindre er blomsterprint mere eller mindre blevet indbegrebet af forår og jeg har selv efterhånden en hel kærlighedsaffære med netop det print. Heldigvis er det stadig ganske meget i sæson, og alle de store designhuse – fra Etro til Matthew Williamson, Marni til Dries Van Noten og Stella McCartney til Christian Dior har deres egne fortolkning af printet i SS14-kollektionerne. Derfor er det også ganske svært at gøre det forkert.




ACCESSORIES // April 1st 2014

Céline AW14

The way you hold your bag, can actually affect the outcome of your whole look but figuring out how to carry your bag has bever been harder, especially not for the season to come. AW14 offers a variety of possibilities – from Céline’s tucked-tight-under-your arm to Margiela’s resting-on-the-wrist and Prada’s throw-it-over-your-shoulder. Which version are you going for?


1. The Céline Way
Carry your bag, which is worn on the side, close to your body, while casually grasping it with your one hand.


2. The Balenciaga Way
Search for 2-3 similar bags that varies in size, color and material and carry them all in one hand.


3. The Prada Way
Pull you shoulder bag chain as hard as you can, until the point where the bag tilts almost make it into a one-shoulder backpack.


4. The Chanel Way
Go to your local supermarket, pick up a children’s size shopping bag and decorate it with the Chanel-way. 


5. The Maison Martin Margiela Way
Secure your clutch by attaching a removable strap to your clothing. Pick a strap that has a clip in each end in order to remove it.


Måden hvorpå du holder din taske, kan påvirke udfaldet af hele dit look. Men det bliver svære og sværere, eller ihvertfald bliver mulighederne flere og flere. Specielt i den kommende sæson. AW14 byder nemlig på en række af muligheder. Fra Célines gemt-under-armen til Margielas halvt-hvilende-på-håndleddet til Pradas kast-over-skulder. Hvilken version går du efter?


Pictures via Buro247, Dazed and Elle UK




FASHION // March 31st 2014

I can’t get enough of pretty coffee table books and among my favourites is this one: Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs: In association with the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris. It’s both informative and visually stunning. I especially love flipping through the pages that display the various campaigns since the start of Marc Jacob as head designer. Campaigns that features everyone from all supermodels to Madonna.


Buy Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs: In association with the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris on Amazon


Jeg kan ikke få nok af smukke coffeetable books og blandt mine favoritter er denne: Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs: In association with the Musee Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris. Bogen er både informativ og visuel smuk. Jeg elsker især at bladre gennem de sidste sider, der viser de forskellige kampagner siden Marc Jacobs start hos modehuset.  




ACCESSORIES // March 30th 2014

Yesterday when I was busy clearing out my closet (flea market season is just around the corner) I came across my old (almost vintage) Proenza Schouler boots. I actually don’t remember which season they are from but I think they are at least 5 years old. I forgot all about them, so that was a nice surprise on a Saturday that was spend with some other - can’t call them oldies – but definitely goodies, Thomas and Maiken.


Jeg har i øjeblikket travlt med at rydde ud i mit skab (loppemarkedsæson er lige om hjørnet - og hold øje med min Tictail shop) og i den forbindelse faldt jeg over mine gamle (næsten vintage) Proenza Schouler støvler. Jeg kan faktisk ikke huske hvilken sæson, de er fra, men de ​​må være mindst 5 år gamle. Jeg havde egentlig glemte alt om dem, så det var en dejlig overraskelse på en lørdag, der blev tilbragt med et par andre – jeg kan ikke kalde dem oldies – men helt sikker goodies, Thomas og Maiken.



ACCESSORIES // March 29th 2014

I always keep the storage boxes from when I buy shoes, bags or jewelry. Obviously because they are so pretty but also because it's a great way to store your stuff - and actually protect your shoes/bags when you don't use them.

Jeg gemmer altid æskerne, der følger med sko, tasker og smykker. Selvfølgelig fordi de er så fine og dekorative, men også fordi det er en god måde at opbevare mine ting på - og rent faktisk beskytter de netop sko/tasker i de perioder, hvor du ikke bruger dem.



March 28th 2014

I fell in love with this Wali Barrech zip-up sweater the very first moment I saw it. The pastel green, the delicate floral print in green, grey and rose, the neoprene and of course the detail with the buttons that enables you to go from a feminine A-shape to a masculine bomber jacket silhouette within minutes.  Just perfect. Next time I’m gonna wear it with jeans but I actually really like this combination as it kind of draws the feminine pencil skirt in a more casual direction.


I’m wearing Wali Barrech Idéale Neoprene Sweater available at Muuse.com, By Malene Birger leather skirt, IRO boots and Adax by Carin Wester Aberdeen bag.


Det var kærlighed ved allerførste blik, da jeg så denne Wali Barrech-jakke første gang. Den smukkeste pastelgrønne, det skrøbelige print, neoprene-materialet og ikke mindst mulighed for – ved hjælp af knapperne - at gå fra en feminine A-form til en maskulin bomberjacket-silhuet på få minutter. Ganske perfekt. Næste gang vil jeg afprøve den med et par jeans, men jeg kan godt lide at det ladylike pencilskirt bliver mere casual i kombination med jakken.


Pictures by Thomas Degner.



ACCESSORIES // March 24th 2014

My Céline sunglasses just got some serious competition from these FWSS beauties. What's not to love about the butterfly shape, not to mention the color. It's gonna be a great summer, I can feel it.


Mine Céline solbriller har fået en seriøs konkurrent af disse skønheder fra norske FWSS. Jeg mener hvad er der ligesom ikke at elske. Elsker form for slet ikke at glemme farven. Det bliver en god sommer. Jeg kan mærke det.




ACCESSORIES // March 19th 2014

I've been looking for a pair of black classic ankle boots for a while now and actually thought I would end up with a pair of suede Gianvito Rossi. But that was until I saw and tried on the perfect pair from Saint Laurent in Paris. Quite the heel but - believe it or not - really comfortable (as such a pair can be). I see them working great with both a black leather skirt and a pair of vintage Levis denim jeans. Now I just need to find the €695 for them.


Jeg har længe ledt efter det perfekte par sorte, klassiske ankelstøvler og jeg troede faktisk, jeg ville ende med et par i ruskind fra Gianvito Rossi. Det var dog indtil jeg så og prøvede det perfekt par fra Saint Laurent i Paris. Ganske høj hæl, men - tro det eller lad være - helt behagelige alligevel (så behagelige som sådan et par sko nu engang kan være). Jeg forestiller mig, at de passer perfekt til både en sort lædernederdel og et par vintage Levis denim jeans.



ACCESSORIES // March 17th 2014

A looot of cool ladies are vouching for the Adidas Stan Smith nowadays, and who am I to argue with Phoebe Philo or Gisele Bündchen? Although I'm completely obsessing about the navy and white version. Anyone with a leftover size 38? Gone everywhere.


Alt for seje damer er med på Stan Smith-bølgen for tiden, herunder Phoebe Philo og Gisele Bündchen. Selvom de er set i den grønne version, så er jeg helt besat af de blå. Nogle der har et par tilovers i str. 38? Udsolgt overalt!



FASHION // March 11th 2014

In an interview for the Sunday Times Chanel-designer Karl Lagerfeld revealed that he believes Cara Delevingne might be the next Kate Moss.


She's a character. She's the Charlie Chaplin of the fashion world. She is kind of genius, like a character out of a silent movie. I would see her better in a silent movie than a talkie because she over-accents the movement. Girls admire her like they used to Kate Moss. They all want to be as free as her.



What do you think?



LIFE // March 10th 2014

So happy I got my hands on the Garance Doré stationary at Colette while in Paris last week. I wish, I could have bought it all. I got lots of to do's these upcoming weeks, so better get writing. The Eiffel Tower was a gift from my favorite travel buddy. So thoughtful - I'm loving it.


Jeg er simpelthen så begejstret for mit Garance Doré stationary, som jeg købte i Colette i Paris i sidste uge. Jeg ville ønske, jeg havde købt det hele. Jeg har masser af to-do’s de næste par uger, så jeg må straks igang med at notere. Eiffeltårnet fik jeg har min favorit-rejsemakker. Så betænksomt – og jeg er vild med det.







FASHION // March 9th 2014

Pretty random. On one hand I hate buying lingerie. I would so much rather buy a new bag or invest in a pretty pair of shoes. On the other hand, I still want those pretty pieces. I know, first world problems… Anyway I came across the brand Viola Sky a few months ago and I’m telling you, it is lingerie-heaven!!! Pretty hues, gorgeous lace and the perfect fit. And as if this wasn’t enough, the lingerie also comes in the cutest boxes. I was so lucky that I had the chance to ask the designer, Sonja Wolffbrandt Christensen a few questions:


Why lingerie?

Because I was always attracted to delicate and feminine textiles. So after finishing my Design Degree, it seemed only natural to include lingerie into my collections. But quickly I began focusing solely on lingerie. Your lingerie really is the foundation to how the rest of your outfit looks and feels. It really is all about being the best version of yourself.


What should you be aware of when buying lingerie?
When it comes to your bra definitely fit… for looks but just as much feel. It not only supports your breasts but also makes sure you are comfortable. During a lifetime most women actually use up to six different cup sizes.


Best tip?

Spend a bit more than usual on your lingerie so that the fit is perfect, but it also lasts so much longer.


Visit the femine Viola Sky universe at http://www.violasky.dk/


På en måde så hader jeg at købe nyt undertøj. Jeg vil ti gange hellere bruge pengene på en ny taske eller investere i et par smukke sko. Men på den anden side så vil jeg jo også gerne have det smukke lingerie. Ja, ja, jeg ved det godt. First world problems, helt sikkert, men alligevel… Nå, men for et par måneder siden faldt jeg over det danske lingerie-mærke Viola Sky og var lynhurtigt solgt. Her finder du et helt univers af smukt undertøj i de fineste, sarte farver, de smukkeste blonder og den perfekte pasform, og som om dette i sig selv ikke er nok, så kommer undertøjet også i den smukkeste indpakning. Simpelthen så fint. Jeg var så heldig at få lov til at stille designeren Sonja Wolffbrandt Christensen nogle spørgsmål.


Hvorfor lingeri?
Jeg har altid været tiltrukket af fine, delikate og feminine tekstiler. Efter at have afsluttede min designuddannelse begyndte jeg at inkludere lingeri i mine kollektioner og hurtigt begyndte jeg udelukkende at fokusere på netop undertøj. Dit lingeri er grundlaget for hvordan resten af dit tøj sidder og føles. Det hele handler om at være den bedste mulige udgave af sig selv.


Det vigtigste når man køber undertøj?
Det er vigtigt at have styr på din bh’s pasform – og ikke kun for syns skyld. Det handler i lige så høj grad om komfort. Faktisk så bruger en kvinde i gennemsnit op til seks forskellige størrelser gennem livet og det er meget få opmærksomme på. Men husk at 1. bh-bæltet skal sidder stramt og vandret under brystet, 2. skålen skal ligge glat over brystet, 3. midterstykket skal gå helt ind imellem brysterne, 4. bøjlen skal være så bred, at den kan rumme dit bryst, 5. hægten skal passe i yderste led, og stropperne skal være tilpas stramme.


Bedste tip?
Brug nogle ekstra penge på dit undertøj. Det skal sidder godt og på den måde holder det meget længere.


Du har mulighed for at tilmelde dig Viola Skys medlemsklub og nyhedsbrev og få gode medlemsfordele… og nu du er i gang, så skal du tjekke Luelles Lingerie Edit og Lingerie Care Guide ud.





FASHION // March 8th 2014

Wow, streetstyle certainly has blown up these last few years. From being mostly fashionable editors being photographed, it’s now also everyday people. Well I say - if you got it, why not flaunt it. What I personally love about streetstyle is the sense of authenticity it brings to the scene. Always so inspirational. And then I can’t help being impressed with the doors it has opened to so many bloggers. But speaking of streetstyle. Go to Luelle to check out the newest from Paris (and if you want to know the photographers behind the camera, check this out).




Konceptet streetstyle er fuldstændig eksploderet de sidste par år. Fra primært at være redaktører, der blev fotograferet, så er det nu også helt almindelige mennesker. Og hvorfor ikke? If you got it, why not flaunt it? Hvad jeg personligt elsker ved netop streetstyle er autenticiteten og personers individuelle stil. Derudover kan jeg ikke lade være med at være imponeret over så mange døre netop at blive streetstyle spottet har åbnet for mange bloggere. Smut forbid Luelle, hvor du kan se meget mere streetstyle fra Paris (og hvis du gerne vil vide hvem, der er bag kameraet, så tjek det her ud).








BEAUTY // March 7th 2014

Some time ago I was properly introduced - as I made acquaintance a few years back - to the beauty brand Mario Badescu, an American pharmacy brand that is known for its personalized skin care and acne treatment. Besides having an almost addictive relationship to the brand now (loving the Drying Lotion and Lip Wax!!!), I'm also loving the packaging. It totally beautifies my bathroom. I really want to try more of the products. I need to get ordering. Get it at your new go-to-beauty-site Beautyhero.


Jeg har for nyligt stiftet ordentligt bekendtskab med skønhedsmærket Mario Badescu, et amerikansk apotekermærker, der er kendt for personaliseret hudpleje og aknebehandling. Udover at jeg ret hurtigt har fået et totalt afhængighedsforhold til produkterne (har optur over Drying Lotion og Lip Wax), så er jeg også vild med emballage. Den forskønner totalt mit badeværelse. Jeg er ret hooked på at afprøve flere af produkterne fra Mario Badescu, så jeg må virkelig i gang med at bestille. Køb Mario Badescu hos dit nye go-to-beauty-site Beautyhero.



ACCESSORIES // March 3rd 2014

I rarely wearing much jewelery so a watch truly is the perfect statement piece. I love my vintage Omega Seamaster from 1958 which I bought a few years back.

Pics by Thomas Degner
 Jeg går sjældent med smykker og netop af den grund er et smukt ur den perfekte statement-accessory. Jeg elsker mit vintage OMega Seamaster fra 1958, som jeg købte for nogle år siden.



FASHION // March 1st 2014

Gorgeous pictures from Louis Vuitton's most recent campaign titled The Spirit of Travel. The campaign, which was shot by Peter Lindbergh features models Karen Elson and Edie Campbell interacting with wild animals. The wildest South African scenery provides the perfect background for the campaign that features Louis Vuitton’s monogram bags: the Speedy, the Keepall, the Neverfull alongside two new styles.  The campaign was styled by none other than fashion-queen Carine Roitfeld and dons looks from Vuitton’s Resort and Spring collection.





ACCESSORIES // February 25th 2014

I'm looking for a new pair of sunglasses. Still love my Céline's to death but would love another pair. They have to be big and Jackie O'ish. Which ones to go for?


Jeg leder efter nye solbriller. Selvom jeg stadig elsker mine Céline til døde, så vil jeg gerne have et par at skifte med. De skal være store og Jackie O-agtige. Nogle forslag?



INTERIOR // February 24th 2014

My friends and family know never to let me lose in a book store unless they have loads of patience, plenty of time or possess the same ability as me to get completely lost in the magic of books, stationary, greeting cards and calendars - perhaps that's also why I got more than what's healthy excited about the news of Garance Doré launching her own line of stationary in collaboration with Rifle Paper. Looks so pretty. The line is available from March and will be sold in Garance's own boutique and at selected retailers worldwide. 


Picture via Garance Doré


Både min familie og mine venner ved, at de aldrig skal slippe mig løs i en bogbutik medmindre de har masser af tålmodighed, er i god tid eller kan blive lige så optaget af smukke bøger, brevpapir, kort og kalendere som mig - måske også derfor blev jeg mere end sundt begejstret ved nyheden om at Garance Doré lancerer hendes egen linje med brevpapir i samarbejde med Rifle Paper. Det ser SÅ pænt ud. Brevpapiret kommer i butikker fra marts og vil udover Garances egen butik, også blive solgt hos udvalgte forhandlere over hele verden.




ACCESSORIES // February 23rd 2014

I got myself a new bag - and I've been waiting on it in what feels like forever. It's from the collaboration Carin Wester did with Adax and I can't wait for the right occassion where I can wear it. It has the perfect size and I really like that it also has a strap so I'm not limited to only wearing it when going out. Hurry up and head over to Bisou.dk if you are interested in your very own Adax by Carin Wester bag.


Jeg har fået en ny taske - og jeg har ventet i en evighed på den. Den er fra Adaxs samarbejde med den svenske designer Carin Wester og jeg glæder mig ret meget til en lejlighed, hvor jeg kan tage den i brug. Den har den perfekt størrelse og jeg er begejstret for, at den også har en lang rem, så jeg ikke er begrænset til kun at bruge den, når jeg skal i byen. Skynd dig over på Bisou.dk, hvor du kan vinde din helt egen (eller faktisk 6 stk!!!) Adax by Carin Wester taske. 



BEAUTY // February 23rd 2014

My third and last #themostlovedone from Magasin du Nord (nr. 1 and 2 here) is my Rudolph Care products... Besides loving the packaging, the products are just amazing and work wonders. My two favorites are the Acai Roll-On Deo and the Acai Cleansing Foam. I really recommend them - alongside the rest of the Rudolph Care line. Bisou.dk is collaborating with Magasin on creating awareness about their Spring campaign #themostlovedone. Here you can win loads of great goodies but you also have the chance to help raise money for Red Cross. All you have to do is instagram your most loved one (whatever that may be) and hashtag #themostlovedone @magasindunord. Everytime you do that 5 kr. is donated to the charity. You can read much more here. Get instagramming.


In collaboration with Magasin du Nord.



BEAUTY // February 17th 2014

It's no secret that the Parisian pharmacies are beauty heaven and you should always do your research before going to Paris because there are so many things you need to bring back. One product I always make sure to stock up on is Bioderma's Créaline H2O which throughly removes your makeup. Also my newest addiction is the Bioderma Créaline H2O wet wipes. Just perfect for removing eye makeup. Remember to buy the travels size of the bottles as well as the 500 ml is to big to travel with.


Det er ingen hemmelighed, at de parisiske apoteker er beauty-heaven, og du bør altid – for at være sikker på du får alt med hjem - være grundig i din research inden du tager til Paris. En ting jeg altid har med retur i kufferten er Biodermas Crealine H2O, der grundigt fjerner makeup. Min seneste afhængighed fra samme mærke og serie er vådservietterne. Helt perfekte til at fjerne øjenmakeup med. Husk også at købe den lille rejsestørrelse, når du alligevel er afsted. 500 ml flasken er lige lovlig stor at rejse med.




LOOK // February 16th 2014

I can't believe the sun is out. And today I could finally put on my sunglasses with getting random stares from people. It's wonderful and the perfect start to a Monday morning. Maybe that's why I went all in on colors yesterday. Perhaps I knew Spring-ish weather was just around the corner. 


Det er helt ufatteligt at solen endelig er fremme. I dag kunne jeg endda tage min solbriller på uden at få mærkelige blikke fra folk omkring mig. Det er helt vidunderligt og den perfekt start på en mandag morgen. Måske det er derfor jeg gik helt amok med farver i går. Måske jeg vidste at forårsagtigt vejr ventede lige om hjørnet.


By Malene Birger jacket and pants, IRO top and Acne shoes.


Pictures by Thomas Degner.



BEAUTY // February 16th 2014

Even more to obsess about as NARS (remember the Multiple Stick and Concealer, I told you about?) is now offering the Multiple Stick in a matte version – actually a whole collection of different matte shades. The sticks are available in a few weeks, which doesn’t leave me much time to decide on the color. Which one to choose, oh my that's gonna be a tough one. 


Jeg fornemmer endnu en besættelse komme snigende. Kan I huske jeg fortalte om mine produkter fra NARS, som jeg købte i New York (ellers så tjek de her links ud: NARS Multiple Stick and Nars Concealer)? Anyway, NARS har netop offentliggjort, at Multiple Stick nu også kommer i en mat udgave - eller faktisk en hel kollektion af matte nuancer. Kollektion kommer i butikkerne allerede om få uger, hvilket giver mig alt for lidt tid til at vælge farve. Åh...




FASHION // February 15th 2014

One of the best ways to find inspiration is in magazines and art books. My favorite artist is Danish Catherine Raben Davidsen. I can look at her paintings and drawings for hours and one day I'm definitely investing in one of them. I can also spend hours just reading and flipping through magazines. French Vogue is the best for pictures but I also love Self Service, Bon, I-D, Vs. and Dansk - just to mention a few. As you know from Maiken, Magasin really has the best selection in Copenhagen. I often go there to get the latest issues and end up spending way to much time there. Bisou.dk is collaborating with Magasin on creating awareness about their Spring campaign #themostlovedone. Here you can win loads of great goodies but you also have the chance to help raise money for Red Cross. All you have to do is instagram your most loved one (whatever that may be) and hashtag #themostlovedone @magasindunord. Everytime you do that 5 kr. is donated to the charity. You can read much more here. Get instagramming.


Jeg elsker at finde inspiration i magasiner og kunstbøger. Min favorit kunstner er dansk Catherine Raben Davidsen. Jeg kan se på hendes malerier og tegninger i timevis, og en dag er jeg absolut nødt til investere i et af ​​dem. Jeg bruger ofte også timer på at læse magasiner. Fransk Vogue er bedst for billeder, men jeg elsker også Self Service, Bon, ID, Vs. og Dansk - bare for at nævne nogle stykker. Som I ved fra Maiken, så har Magasin det bedste udvalg af magasiner i København. Jeg går ofte i deres magasinafdeling for at få fat i de sidste nye udgaver og ender med at bruge alt for meget tid der. Bisou.dk samarbejder i øjeblikket med Magasin om at skabe opmærksomhed omkring deres forårskampagne #themostlovedone . Her kan I vinde masser af fantastiske præmier, men I har også mulighed for at hjælpe med at rejse penge til Røde Kors. Alt du skal gøre er instagram dine #themostlovedone (hvad det så måtte være) og huske at hashtagge #themostlovedone @Magasindunord. Hver gang I gør det donerer Magasin 5 kr. til velgørenhed. Du kan læse meget mere her. Skynd jer at komme igang.


In collaboration with Magasin du Nord.



ACCESSORIES // February 13th 2014

I travel quite a lot for work and what better way to travel than in style. And working for By Malene Birger, I of course need to flash the Arabian flower signature print. That's why I got a hold of this Assia bag. I always carry it on board and it fits perfectly to the overhead cabins (win your own over at By Malene Birger's instagram)


Get you By Malene Birger Assia bag here.


Jeg rejser en del i forbindelse med arbejde og hvad er bedre end at rejse med stil. Og da jeg arbejder for By Malene Birger er jeg selvfølgelig nødt til at flashe brandets signature-print. Derfor købte jeg Assia -tasken, som jeg altid har med om bord. Den passer perfekt i skabene på flyet (vind din egen Assia ovre på By Malene Birger's instagram profil).



ACCESSORIES // February 11th 2014

All I'm dreaming off at the moment is these Gianvito Rossi black suede ankle boots. Pure amazingness.


Check out the Gianvito Ross universe right here.


Alt jeg drømmer om for tiden er disse Gianvito Rossi suede ankle boots. Ren fantastiskhed.



BEAUTY // February 9th 2014

Tromborg is one of my go-to beauty brands and among all their products, I think my favorite (all though it's very hard to choose) must be the Aroma Therapy Body Lotion. I really like how it adds lots of moisture to my winter-dry skin. Also I'm really looking forward to trying the Anti-Cellulite Treatment Serum, another part of my getting-ready-for-summer-resolutions. I hear it's reallly good.


Visit Tromborg's universe here.


Tromborg er en af mine sikre go-to beautybrands and blandt deres produkter, så tror jeg (det er utrolig svært at vælge) at min favorit må være Aroma Therapy Body Lotion. Jeg elsker, at den giver masser af fugt til min vintertørre hud. Jeg glæder mig også meget til at komme igang med Anti-Cellulite Treatment Serumen, endnu en del af mit klar-til-sommer-projekt. Eftersigende skulle den være virkelig god.  





INTERIOR // February 9th 2014

I can never get enough of coffeetable books, HAY's pretty boxes, the Kennedy's, Vouge Paris or Catherine Raben Davidsen's beautiful art. I actually love it all. And speaking of love, you need to go check out the new spring campaign from Magasin du Nord called The Most Loved One. Here you can win some cool spring additions to your wardrobe or home. All you have to do is instagram your most loved one (what ever that may be).. and for each instagram Magasin du Nord will donate 5 kr. to Red Cross. Remember to tag your picture #themostlovedone and @magasindunord. Read more here - and get instagramming.


Jeg kan ikke få nok at hverken coffeetable bøger, Hays smukke æsker, Kennedy-familien, Vogue Paris eller Catherine Raben Davidsen's smukke kunst. Faktisk elsker jeg det hele, og nu vi snakker om at elske, så skal I tjekke forårskampagnen The Most Loved One fra Magasin du Nord. Her har du nemlig chancen for at vinde nogle ret seje præmier til din garderobe eller hjem. Alt du skal gøre er, at instagramme your most loved one (hvad det så end er) og for hvert instagram donerer Magasin du Nord 5 kr. til Røde Kors. Du skal bare huse at tagge dit billede med #themostlovedone og @magasindunord.


In collaboration with Magasin du Nord.







LOOK // February 8th 2014

I'm very much into a black and white monochrome look and what better way to create it than with a cool leather jacket. As you know I have quite a few black leather jackets but this is one of my favorites and from BLD DNM. I bought it while living in Berlin and I don't think I actually ever really showed it to you. If you don't know BLK DNM, please check it out. It's a project by designer Johan Lindeberg and I love the brand. Great leather jacket, cool well-fitted t-shirt and amazing jeans. Definitely worth a try.


Jeg er ret vild med et sort/hvidt monokromt outfit og den bedste måde at skabe det på er med en cool læderjakke. Jeg har - som I ved - en del sorte læderjakke, men den her er en klar favorit. Jeg købte den, da jeg boede i Berlin og jeg tror faktisk aldrig, jeg har haft muligheden for at vise den på. Den er fra BLK DNM, et af Johan Lindebergs mærker, som du skal love mig at tjekke ud. Virkelig fantastiske læderjakker, perfekte t-shirts og alt for seje jeans.


Picture by Thomas Degner.



FASHION // February 2nd 2014

Stine Goya definitely had the best cast of models this season with Lykke May, Marianne Schrøder,  Louise P and Mia Hessner all gracing the catwalk alongside Copenhagen it-girls Emma Leth and Veneda Anastasia.The collection offered the signature-Goya pastel colors, print og knits. The most surprising element? The golden H2O x Stine Goya slippers.


© Thomas Degner for Bisou

Stine Goya havde afgjort det bedste cast af modeller denne sæson. På catwalken så man Lykke May, Marianne Schrøder, Louise P og Mia Hessner sammen med Københavns it-piger Emma Leth og Veneda Anastasia.Kollektionen bød på masser af der signatur-Goya pastelfarver, print and strik. Det mest overraskende element? Den guld H2O x Stine Goya slippers.



FASHION // February 2nd 2014

It was great to have Mads Nørregaard back on the show schedule for fashion week. As most of you probably know, he is very well-known for his stripes and I really like how he managed to "sneak" in loads of stripes but in a new interpretation. I wouldn't mind one of those black and white suits.


Det var dejligt at have Mads Nørregaard tilbage på showplanen i modeugen. Som de fleste af jer sikkert ved, så er Nørregaard yderst kendt for sine striber, og jeg kan ret godt lide hvordan han formåede at "snige" masser af striber ind , men i en ny fortolkning. Jeg ville ikke have noget imod at eje en af ​​de sort/hvide jakkesæt.

© Thomas Degner for Bisou



BEAUTY // February 1st 2014

I'm absolutely in love with the beauty at Freya Dalsjø. The hair is just stunning, impossible for everyday but just gorgeous on the catwalk. And what's better than no-make-up-make-up with a soft focus on icy eyes. Works so well with the collection. Loving the clean graphic lines, the delicate splash of color and the to-die-for furry coats.


© Thomas Degner for Bisou 



LOOK // January 31st 2014

My fairy-like white Lochan-cape from By Malene Birger hasn't really been put to use yet, but I'm waiting for that right moment for me to wear it. It has some strong princess-vibes, so I really want to wear it with ripped denim jeans and a pair of cool heels, preferably a pair of Gianvito Rossi booties that I had my eyes of for quite some time now.


By Malene Birger Lochan cape right here.


Min fe-lignende Lochan-kappe fra By Malene Birger er ikke rigtg godt i brug endnu, men jeg venter egentlig bare på det rette tidspunkt. Den har nogle temmelig stærke prinsesse-vibes, så jeg planlægger at bruge den med ripped denim jeans og et par cool Gianvito Rossi støvler, som jeg har haft et godt øje til i alt for lang tid.




LIFESTYLE // January 29th 2014

A great way to store the jewelery you wear the most is in these cute trays from HAY. They give you a really great overview - and in my case reminds me to put on my jewelry as I always make sure they are placed somewhere I can't forget about them. The trays come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and colors.


Kaleido trays from HAY right here, Stine Goya earring, ASOS pearl earrings and Rebekka Rebekka signature ring.


En cool måde at opbevare sine smykker på er i det her fine bakker fra HAY. Udover at give mig et bedre overblik, så minder de mig også om at få mine smykker på, da jeg sørger for altid at stille dem, hvor jeg ikke kan undgå at se dem. De kommer i mange forskellige former, farver og størrelser.



ACCESSORIES // January 28th 2014

It's funny how the fashion life cycle change. 5 years ago when I bought these Christian Louboutin in Los Angeles, I'd been craving them for such a long time. But then it changed and I felt the world had almost OD'ed on those red soles. Now I'm kind of getting back into the Louboutin-mood. Especially because I'm so into the leopard ones, I posted on instagram the other day (follow me @thestylecavalry). This made me rekindle my old love-affair... now it's really just too bad that these are crazy uncomfortable. What to do?


Det er sjovt som alle produkter har en livscyklus. For fem år siden da jeg i et lykkerus købte de her Christian Louboutin stilletter i Los Angeles, havde jeg ønsket mig dem så uendeligt længe. Og så pludselig - efter et års tid - havde jeg ligesom fået lidt for meget og OD'ede på de røde såler. Og nu er jeg efterhånden ved at være klar til Louboutin igen. Måske fordi jeg er så sygt vild med leopard-versionen, som jeg postede på instagram den anden dag (følg mig på @thestylecavalry). Det har fået mig til at genoplive min tidligere kærlighedsaffæreo g de sorte er retur forrest på hylden. Det er bare så ærgerligt at netop de sorte er ulidelige at have på. Nogle råd?




ACCESSORIES // January 27th 2014

My favorite earrings at the moment are my newly-purchased pearl earring and my gold horse from Stine Goya. I'm actually considering getting another piercing in my ear, I just need to find the right place in Copenhagen to get it done. Any recommendations?


Mine favorit-øreringe lige nu er min for nyligt købte perleørering og min guld hest fra Stine Goya. Jeg går og overvejer at få endnu en piercing i mit øre, jeg skal bare lige finde ud af hvor i Københan jeg skal få den lavet. Nogle anbefalinger?


Pics by Thomas Degner




ACCESSORIES // January 26th 2014

Probably the next big thing to hit us - and of course only available for the selected few. But seriously this Chanel iconic bottle-bag is beyond. From outside the Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris earlier this week. Shot by 21ème's Adam Katz Sinding for W Magazine.


Helt sikkert den næste store ting, - og selvfølgelig kun tilgængelig for de særligt udvalgte. Men seriøst den allerede helt ikoniske Chanel flakon-taske er for vild. Billederne er fra Chanel's Haute Couture show i Paris tidligere på ugen. Skudt af 21èmes Adam Katz Sinding for W Magazine.



LOOK // January 26th 2014

I can't believe it's this cold. I really hope the weather is kinder to us next when when Copenhagen Fashion Week commence. I'll be a busy bee as the By Malene Birger show is on Thusday night and there is still a lot to prepare. I'm really excited about flying some of my favorite blogger-girls - Evangelie, Camille, Andy, Marie, Charlotte and Irina - in for this and I'm just as excited about finally showing everybody a really cool collection. But busy days also means a quiet Sunday. Started off with brunch with the girls, then a Sunday run (yes, I'm still keep the 2014-resolutions) and now I believe it's time for a movie and (homemade) pizza. Of course wearing my softest knit (sooo comfy) from Stine Goya (from a few seasons ago).


Ej, men det er jo alt for koldt. Jeg håber virkelig, at vejret har tænkt sig at behandle os bedre i næste uge, når Copenhagen Fashion Week begynder. Jeg kommer til at være en travl dame, da By Malene Birgers show er torsdag aften og der er stadig meget der skal forberedes. Bl.a. besøg af nogle af mine yndlings-bloggerdamer - Evangelie, Camille, Andy, Marie, Charlotte and Irina. Derudover glæder jeg mig helt vildt til at alle endelig skal se den alt for seje AW14-kollektion. Men travle dage i vente betyder også en stille søndag. Startede med brunch med pigerne, efterfulgt at en søndags-løbetur (ja, jeg holder stadig 2014-fortsætterne), og nu må det være tid til film og (hjemmelavet) pizza. Jeg er selvfølgelig iført min blødeste strik (ej, men så behagelig) fra Stine Goya (fra et par sæsoner siden).


Pics by Thomas Degner



ACCESSORIES // January 23rd 2014

It's kind of mad thinking about sandals in this weather... but I just can't help it. I just really, really need the Isabel Marant sandals.


Med det her vejr taget i betragtning, er det helt tosset at tænke på sandaler lige nu... men jeg kan bare ikke lade være. Jeg har nemlig et stort, stort, stort behov for de her Isabel Marant sandaler.


Pic via Columbine Smille.



ACCESSORIES // January 22nd 2014

I'm so happy I found this beauty. Actually comes in a pair but I like them better as a single. Less ladylike, more edgy. I've been wearing it ever since I got it.


Earrings from ASOS.


Jeg er så glad for den her lille skønhed, som jeg har haft på siden jeg modtog den med posten. Den kommer egentlig i et par, men jeg kan bedre lide den alene. Mindre ladylike, mere edgy.



BEAUTY // January 20th 2014

I always ask my friends for advice when looking for new beauty products... and since launching Luelle it's as if my spending on beauty products have seriously escalated. Because what can you actually do, when all the experts show you some of their personal favorites? Well, you just have to buy and try it yourself.


Check out the Luelle Beauty box right here.


Jeg rådfører mig altid med mine veninder, når jeg har brug for råd om nye skønhedsprodukter... og siden Luelle blev launchet er det som om mit forbrug på netop beautyprodukter er eskaleret vildt og voldsomt. Men hvad skal man gøre når man bliver overtalt at eksperterne - andet end straks at investere?



BEAUTY // January 19th 2014

I'm trying to get an overview of my favorite purchases from 2013 and on one of the top spots is my Mason Pearson brush. I'm telling you, it's the mother of all hair brushes and yes, I know it's ridiciously expensive but honestly, I find it to be worth it. Let me start by admitting that I didn't remember to do those 100 strokes each night that is recommended (will apparently make a noticably difference on your hair) and it doen't work miracles overnight either... BUT I defintely feel my hair has more volume and is much more shiny - and best of all, the brush detangles my hair so much better than any other brush I ever tried. And just to make matters even better, it comes in this little vintage-looking box that you just kind of feel like hanging on to because it's that cute. Only disadvantage... it's a bit big for carrying around, so welcome to my new black, travel-size Mason Pearson brush.


Buy Mason Pearson at Barnholdts.


Jeg forsøger at få et overblik over mine favoritkøb i 2013 og på en af ​​topplaceringerne er min Mason Pearson-børste. Jeg siger jer, det er og bliver den bedste i verden og ja, jeg ved, den er sindsygt dyr, men helt ærligt, jeg synes den er det værd. Jeg kan ligeså godt starte med at indrømme, at jeg ikke har fået taget de 100 strøg hver aften, hvilket Mason Pearson egentlig anbefaler, da det tilsyneladende gøre en stor forskel på håret, og den udretter heller ikke mirakler på en nat ... MEN jeg synes uden tvivl, at mit hår har fået mere volume og er langt mere shiny end tidligere - derudover - og måske den største gevinst for mig, så reder den langt lettere alle mine knuder ud - uden at det er helt så smertefrit. Endelig så kommer den i den skønneste lille vintage-lignende æske, der er alt for fin. Man får helt lyst til at beholde den. Den eneste ulempe er at den er lidt stor, og derfor lidt svær at have med i tasken. Netop af den grund er jeg meget begejstret for min Mason Pearson børste i rejsestørrelse.


Køb Mason Pearson børster hos Barnholdts.




FASHION // January 18th 2014

One thing I can't live without is leather pants as it's perhaps one of the most versatile pieces you can have. Goes great with sneakers and a cashmere knit for everyday, with a classic white shirt for a dinner or even under your favorite dress and sky high heels for a night out on the town - even works on lazy Sundays with your favorite sweater. Lately I've been going crazy in leather leggings in different colors - burgundy, grey, black and now navy. I even have a pair of nude coming my way in the beginning of next year (nude in the suede-kind-of-way), so I guess I'm all set. Go for a pair in a great quality - I've seen great ones from both Balenciaga and H&M, but I guess a general rule is better pay a bit more as they will last you years. I promise. My oldest pair ís from Munderingskompagniet and must be at least about 5 years old. They definitely needed to be replaced but I just can't seem to get rid of them, so they are staying right where I can see them... hanging in my closet (yes, such a Carrie-cliché).


En ting jeg har meget svært ved at leve uden - i min garderobe vel og mærke - er læderbukser. Måske fordi læderbukser er noget af det mest alsidige, du kan eje, men også fordi de bare er ret behagelige. De fungerer med sneakers og en kashmir trøje i hverdagen, med en silke skjorte til en middag og selv under din kjole med tårnhøje hæle til en aften i byen, ja, selv til dovne søndage med din yndlingssweater. På det sidste er jeg kommet til at gå amok i læderbukser i forskellige farver - bordeaux, grå, sorte og nu navy. Jeg har endda et par nude på vej engang i det nye år (og nude på ruskindsmåden). Jeg er vist efterhånden dækket ind. Jeg er set pæne hos både Balenciaga og H&M, men jeg tænker, at en god regel er at give lidt mere for dem, da læderkvaliteten oftest er bedre og de derfor holder længere - jeg lover det. Mit ældste par er fra Munderingskompagniet og er mindst 5 år gamle. De trængte helt sikkert til udskiftning, men jeg nænner heller ikke at smide dem ud, så de bliver i garderoben lidt endnu.





LIFE // January 17th 2014

So I already had a look back at 2013, but that also means a welcome to 2014. And a new year requires health, style and interior resolutions and what better way to stick to these resolutions than by sharing them.





Giovanna Battaglia said at one point: the lower I feel, the higher the heel and perhaps there is some truth to that. That's why I decided that 2014 is a return to the high heels. Perhaps not everyday but more... just more, more, more.



I also wear jewelry way too little. Also something that needs changing.





I need to get back into the swing of it. And I want to combine both running, weight training and HIIT. My goal is to run 10 k in june at Københavns Kvindeløb. Fortunately I have the coolest coach - follow her on Instagram @annemini (she's seriously inspiring).


//clean eating

I'm on a sugar-high at the moment and I want to kick the bad habit. That means I want to try clean eating for a period - of course with room for one cheat meal a week - and clean-eating-February is already in the calender.


//face masks

In order to take better care of my skin, I want to be better at remembering to applying face masks - and I'm counting on this girl's help to find the best ones.



Nothing better than pretty nails, let it be natural or colored - as long as they are taken care of - another beauty goal of mine.




//fresh flowers

I always underevaluate fresh, pretty flowers in my home - which of course means fresh flowers as often as possible. They make me happy.


I'll make sure to update you on how it's going.


Jeg harnetop haft et tilbageblik på 2013, men det betyder også et velkommen til 2014. Og et nyt år betyder sundheds-, stil- og indretningsforsætter, og jeg tænker at det at dele dem, også forpligter. Se mine ovenfor.





BEAUTY // January 16th 2014

... in my book at least. I'm absolutely ecstatic about two new beauty-products and I have to tell you about them. The Chanel CC Cream Correction Compléte and the Le Volume de Chanel mascara. First of all the mascara… It is without comparison the best mascara I’ve ever tried – and I don’t say this lightly. I have never – as in ever – found a mascara I truly liked, and trust me, I’ve been searching for a loooonnng time. Not until now that is. This one gives me loads of instant volume and lots of color… plus it’s easy to apply (remember to start with a lash curler). A complete winner in my book. And then to the CC cream. To be fair, I’ve only tried a few BB-creams that I wasn’t too thrilled about but my thoughts on these wonder creams have certainly changed. So easy to apply – and the result is really great. So natural and very much non-make-up-make-up-like. I’m a fan.


Le Volume de Chanel, CC Cream Correction Compléte, Shu Eumura lash curler,


…i min bog ihvertfald. Jeg er helt estatisk over to nye skønhedsprodukter, som jeg er nødt til at fortælle jer om. Chanel’s CC Cream Correction Compléte og Le Volume de Chanel mascaraen. Først lidt om mascaren. Den er uden sammenligning den bedste mascara, jeg nogensinde har prøvet… og det siger jeg ikke ofte. Jeg har aldrig – som i virkelig aldrig – fundet en mascara, jeg var helt vild med og jeg har altså ledt i laaannng tid. Ikke før nu i hvert fald. Den her giver mig masser af volume og farve – og så er den nem at påføre (husk altid at starte med at bøje dine vipper med en lash curler). En ren vinder i min bog. Det samme gælder for CC-cremen. For at være fair så har jeg kun prøvet et par BB-cremer, men de begejstrede mig ikke, men jeg må sige, at jeg virkelig har ændret mening omkring produktet efter jeg har prøvet denne. Så nem at bruge og resultatet er både pænt og naturligt. Jeg er så meget fan.



FASHION // January 16th 2014

Happy 40th birthday. Check out our LUELLE-tribute to the one and only Kate Moss.


Tillykke med de 40. Tjek vores LUELLE-hyldest til the one and only Kate Moss.



LOOK // January 15th 2014

So the whole outfit from yesterday looked like this. I told you my favorite color this season is navy (still crushing on this dress) and who can't use a basic, silk top in that exact color? I - for sure - can. Here I matched it with my black leather skirt from Carven from their AW2011 collection. At one point I considered selling it but everytime I wear it, someone compliments it - so I decided it was a keeper and thank you for that. I would have regretted selling it so much. I'm also wearing my new IRO Daithy boots that I bought on sale at Utzon.


By Malene Birger silk top, Carven leather skirt, IRO boots


Hele mit outfit fra i går, så altså sådan her ud. Som jeg tidligere har fortalt, så er navy min yndlingsfarve denne sæson (stadig helt hung-up på den her kjole) og hvem kan ikke bruge en klassisk, top i silke i præcis den farve? Jeg kan helt sikkert. Jeg kombinerede den med min sorte lædernederdel fra Carvens AW2011-kollektion. Netop nederdelen overvejede jeg at sælge på et tidspunkt, men hver gang jeg har haft den på, har jeg altid fået komplimenter, så jeg besluttede, det var en keeper, og tak for det. Jeg ville sådan fortrudt hvis jeg havde solgt den. Støvlerne er mine nye IRO Daithy støvler, som jeg købt på udsalg hos Utzon.


Pic by Thomas Degner




LOOK // January 14th 2014

A preview of what I'm wearing... The older I get, the more I think about the materials of the clothes I buy and if it works with what I already have in my wardrobe. Simply because I don't want to spend a lot of money on crappy fabrics and I want to be able to combine the different pieces in my wardrobe. That's why I went for this navy silk top in silk. Works with both skirts and jeans, are classic but can be dress up for any occasion. See, it's the perfect piece. Will even look great with a woolen, chunky cardigan (...aaaannd I'm back to combining materials).


By Malene Birger silk top


Et preview af hvad jeg har på... Jo ældre jeg bliver, jo mere tænker jeg over materialer og om det fungere med (alt) andet jeg har i min garderobe. Egentlig fordi Simpelthen fordi jeg ikke ønsker at tilbringe en masse penge på crappy stoffer, og jeg ønsker at være i stand til at kombinere de forskellige stykker i min garderobe. Det er derfor jeg gik til denne flåde silke top i silke. Virker med både nederdele og jeans, er klassisk, men kan pynte til enhver lejlighed. Se, det er den perfekte brik. Vil endda ser godt ud med en ulden, chunky cardigan (... og jeg tilbage til at kombinere materialer).



Pic by Thomas Degner



FASHION // January 13th 2014

Céline Spring Summer 2014 by Jurgen Teller.



LOOK // January 12th 2014

Some leather, a little lace and lots of wool to keep me warm. Add some heels and you are ready for a day at the office. Neither to much - or to little.



Lidt læder, en smule blonde og masser af uld til at holde mig varm. Tilføj et par hæle og du er klar til en dag på kontoret. Hverken for meget - eller for lidt.




BEAUTY // January 11th 2014

I love pretty packaging (we obviously talked about this before) and Chanel has one of the top spots when it comes to that. So clean, simple and luxurious (in feisty competition with Tom Ford beauty but that's kind of another aesthetic branch as it's more oppulent and maximalistic) and because of that I love creating small still-leben's with the products. Currently my glas box from Broste Copenhagen creates the perfect setting for the products without overshadowing them. Glas boxes are a great way to store delicate, pretty things in a simple but decorative way. 


Jeg er syg med smuk emballage (hvilket vi selvfølgelig har snakket om før) og Chanel har en af top-placeringerne, når det kommer til netop emballage. Så ren, enkel og luksuriøs (i stærk konkurrence med Tom Ford beauty, men de to kan ikke rigtig sammenlignes, da Tom Ford er en anden æstetisk gren, da emballage er mere oppulent og maximalistisk) og netop derfor elsker jeg at skabe små still-leben's med produkterne. Lige nu fungerer min glas-boks fra Broste Copenhagen perfekt til netop det, da den skaber den perfekte setting uden at overskygge produkterne. Glasbokse er ret perfekte til at opbevare skrøbelige, smukke sager på en enkel og dekorativ måde.





ACCESSORIES // January 9th 2014

Imagine, I didn't even have one look at the sales. Not one. Not even at Net-A-Porter's which I hear is amazing but then I came across Utzon's Instagram and I fell, I fell hard. Because there they were, IRO's Daithy boots, which I've been craving all season. And with 50 percent off is was a no brainer. So now they are mine. Now I just need to stop wanting them in grey as well. And by the way they are very comfy and very cool on.


Jeg havde ikke kigget udsalget en eneste gang. Som i slet ikke. Overhovedet. Ikke engang Net-A-Porter's, som jeg har hørt er fantastisk denne gang. Men så dukkede der er billede op i min instagram-feed fra Utzon, og der var de, IRO's Daithy støvler, som jeg seriøst har cravet hele sæsonen. Og da de var nedsat med 50 procent blev det hurtigt en no brainer. Derfor er de nu endelig mine. Nu er jeg bare nødt til at stoppe mig selv i at have et voldsomt behov for dem i går også. Og ja, de er ganske behagelige og virkelig fine på.



BEST OF 2013

January 8th 2014

2013 certainly was the year of change for me. I started January of by moving to Berlin for a new job and of course brought my 12-weeks-old Cavalier King Charles puppy Karla with me. In March I launched LUELLE alongside Marie and Funda. In July I moved back home to Copenhagen to start another new job as PR-coordinator at By Malene Birger. In August I ended up buying an apartment, which I of course had to renovate. At the same time I travelled to Berlin, Paris, London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Amsterdam, Mexico and New York. I'm really not complaining and even though I've found 2013 to be quite challenging in some areas, I still experienced so much and meet the most amazing people. But what was the best of 2013 from my point of view? From the most memorable show to the most exciting fashion news to my favorite purchase. Take a look below - and afterwards let me know your 2013-fashion-highlights. And now that we entered 2014, why not start it off with another craving... the BLK DNM Freedom t-shirt.


The most memorable show: Rick Owens (One word: step)

The biggest addiction: Instagram (remember to follow me @thestylecavalry) 

The best concert: Rihanna at Roskilde Festival with friends (this girl among others)

The best fashion-movie: Mademoiselle C

The most exciting fashion news: Nicolas Ghesquiere to Balenciaga

The biggest craving: Sophie Bille Brahe's Elipse D'or earring and Céline mules

Favorite model: Anja Rubik

The most surprising trend: the return of the Birkenstock

The best haircut: Anne Hathaway's pixie crop

The best scandal: Miley Cyrus' twerk

Favorite blog: Theyallhateus

Favorite beauty-discovery:Rudolph Care Acai Roll-on Deo, Le Volume de Chanel and CC Cream Correction Compléte

Favorite purchase: Dries van Noten shirt

Favorite designer: Céline

Favourite fashion-book: Grace: A Memoir

Favourite streetstar-darling: Natasha Goldenberg and Taylor Tomasi Hill

Favourite it-girl: Alexa Chung

Favorite fashion-figure: Natalie Massenet

Favorite 2013-cover: Kim Kardashian on CR Fashion Book and Vogue Paris December issue with Victoria and David Beckhams.


2013 var virkelig et år for forandring for mig. Jeg startede januar med at flytte til Berlin og starte nyt job, og selvfølgelig tog jeg min 12 uger gamle Cavalier King Charles hvalp Karla med mig. I marts lancerede jeg LUELLE sammen Marie og Funda. I juli flyttede jeg igen, denne gang hjem til København for at starte et nyt job som PR-koordinator hos By Malene Birger. I august købte jeg en lejlighed, som jeg også lige skulle renovere. Samtidig rejste jeg til Berlin, Paris, London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Amsterdam, Mexico og New York. Jeg kan virkelig ikke klage, og selvom jeg til tider har fundet 2013 ganske udfordrende, så har jeg stadig oplevet en masse og mødt og tilbragt tid med de bedste mennesker. Men hvad var det bedste i 2013 fra mit synspunkt? Fra det mest mindeværdige show til den mest spændende modenyhed til mit favorit køb. Kig ovenfor - og lad mig bagefter vide hvilke modehøjdepunkter var jeres favoritter. Og nu vi er i 2014 kan jeg ligeså godt begynde at crave. First up... BLK DNM's Freedom t-shirt.



BEAUTY // January 8th 2014

My life definitely got so much easier after getting a hold of these two babies. My GHD hair dryer and straightener. There are few things I hate more than drying and straightening my hair (although I really should put more effort into it) and with these two wonders, it really doesn’t take me long. A bit expensive but definitely worth it. And they will last forever.


GHD straightener and hair dryer


Mit liv blev uden tvivl lidt lettere efter at de her to flyttede ind. Mit GHD hårtørrer ogglattejern. Der er få ting, jeg hader mere end at tørre og glatte mit hår (selvom jeg virkelig burde lægge flere kræfter ind i det), men med disse to vidundere, tager det mig virkelig ingen tid. De er lidt dyre, men absolut det værd... og så holder de forever.



LOOK // January 7th 2014

I love a great mixture of textures and colors. Textures meaning silk, wool, leather, cashmere and the likes of it. Colors would be camel, grey and navy. I just really, really like that casual feel of it - and I can't imagine an occassion where it wouldn't work. Here I'm wearing my new leather leggings in navy. They work perfect with the grey Uniqlo cashmere knit and the camel coat.


Jeg elsker et fint miks af materialer og farver lige for tiden. Materialer som i silke, uld, læder, cashmere og lignende. Og farver som camel, navy og grå. Det er både casual og lækkert og jeg ikke ikke komme i tanke om en situation, hvor det ikke ville fungere. Her er jeg hoppet i min nye læder leggings i navy. De  fungerer så fint med min favorit grå Uniqlo cashmere strik og den camel frakke.


By Malene Birger camel coat and leather pants, Uniqlo menswear cashmere sweater, Surface to Air boots


Pic by Thomas Degner



FASHION // January 6th 2014

I’ve got a serious lace addiction – but you already know that (one word: Kafi). Maybe that’s also why I’m so freaking excited about this dress from Baum und Pferdgarten. Not only is it in a gorgeous lace but it’s also navy – which I forgot to tell you, is my new favorite color. I recently also added a pair of navy leather pants to my wardrobe and I really just like how it brings a bit of color without being to colorful... plus it look amazing with grey, which is another favorite of mine at the moment. I can't wait for Spring when I can wear this with bare legs and sneakers - or my dream sandals from Isabel Marant SS14.



Jeg har en seriøs blonde-afhængighed - but det ved I jo allerede (et ord: Kafi). Måske netop derfor er jeg også helt oppe og køre over min fine kjole fra Baum und Pferdgarten. Ikke kun er den i den smukkeste, grove blonde, den er også navy, der er en af mine yndlingsfarver lige for tiden. For nylig tilføjede jeg også et par navy læderbukser til min garderobe, og jeg elsker hvordan farven giver noget farve uden dog at være for farverig - derudover er blå så mega pænt med grå, der er en anden af mine favoritter p.t. Jeg glæder mig helt vildt til forår, hvor jeg skal hoppe i kjolen med bare ben og sneakers - eller mine drømmesandaler fra Isabel Marant SS14.



January 6th 2014

How cool is it that Stine Riis (who you probably remember as the winner of H&M Design Award 2012) has been selected as the new Head of Womenswear at Surface to Air. I told you to keep an eye out for this girl. Congratulations Stine. You rock. Check out some of her previous work here.


Hvor er det alt for sejt at Stine Riis (som I sikkert husker som vinderen af H&M Design Award 2012) er blevet chefdesigner hos Surface to Air. Jeg sagde jo, at I skulle holde øje med den pige. Stort tillykke Stine. I kan se en af Stine's tidligere kollektioner her.


Pic by Thomas Degner



FASHION // January 5th 2014

One of the best purchases in a very long time. My Uniqlo MEN Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater in light grey. I'm telling you, it's one of the best items in my wardrobe. I really regret not buying it in both black and navy as well as it's just one of those sweaters you kind of end up wearing all the time. I love wearing it with my navy leather leggings and sneakers. Very effortless and easy but still work-appropiate. Next time I'm in New York, London or Paris I'm definitely headed to buy more. I bought mine in a bigger size as I really like it oversize and loose.


Uniqlo MEN Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater


Et af mine bedste køb i virkelig lang tid er min Uniqlo MEN Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater i lysegrå. Det er uden tvivl en af de absolutte favoritter i min garderobe og jeg har allerede fortrudt at jeg ikke købte den i både sort og navy også. Det er en af de der sweatre, man ender med at bruge hele tiden. Jeg elsker den sammen med mine navy leggings og sneakers. Så let og stadig pænt til arbejde. Næste gang jeg skal til New York, Paris eller London, skal jeg klart have fingrene i flere. Jeg købt min i en større størrelse, da jeg elsker, den er oversize og løs.


Pic by Thomas Degner



FASHION // January 4th 2014

What is better than a feminine and delicate top (remember my addiction?)? Well, perhaps a LACED femine and delicate top. I'm so happy, I decided to go for both the black and white Kafi top as the white one can create a more angelic look, while the black is perfect for my inner rock chick. I've really been wearing them a lot. Especially with my cashmere turtlenecks. Yes, you got that right, turtlenecks in plural. It's kind of silly as I have three of them, same model, different color (grey, black and white) but they just really work this season. Also it's actually really perfect with an oversize chunky cardigan as the cardigan covers you up, but the Kafi shows a bit of skin. Wear it with a leather skirt and you are home-safe. Or do a copy-cat of Irina from A Portable Package and wear the top underneath a skirt in a different material. It creates a beautiful contrast. You can easily find a similar top at Zara.


Be inspired on how to wear it above.


Er der noget bedre end en fin og feminin top (remember?) ? Ja, altså måske en fin, feminin, BLONDE top. Jeg er så glad for, at jeg endte med både den sorte og hvide Kafi top, da den hvide skaber et renere, fint look, mens den sorte er perfekt, når min indre rock chick skal ud. Jeg har virkelig skambrugt dem begge. Specielt sammen med mine kashmir rullekraver. Yes, helt korrekt, rullekraver i flertal. Det er helt skørt, for jeg har tre af dem. Samme model, forskellige farver (grå, sort og creme), men de er virkelig helt perfekt denne sæson. Faktisk er Kafi toppen også ret god med en oversize, chunky cardigan, da cardiganen dækker dig til, men du alligevel vist lidt hud. Brug det sammen med en lædernederdel og du er ready-to-go. Eller gør som Irina fra A Portable Package og bruge toppen under en nederdel, helst i et andet materiale. Det skaber den smukkeste kontrast. Du kan let finde en lignende top hos bl.a. Zara.


Bliv inspiret til hvordan du skal bruge den ovenfor.


Pictures: Sea of Shoes, Camille over the Rainbow, A Portable Package, Fashiontoast.



FASHION // January 3rd 2014

Really great Chanel Spring-Summer 2014-campaign featuring Lindsey Wixson and Sasha Luss wearing bright and refreshing colors. Of course shot by Karl Lagerfeld.


Pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue


Ret fin Chanel Spring-Summer 2014-kampagne med Lindsey Wixson og Sasha Luss iført fine, klare sommerfarver. Selvfølgelig skudt af Karl Lagerfeld.



FASHION // January 2nd 2014

Gorgeous, iconic supermodels. The original bunch.

Interview Magazine
Smukke og toplækre supermodeller.  The original topmodels!



EDITORIALS // December 29th 2013

An all-white ensemble truly rocks. Especially paired with a chunky gold statement ring and killer-shoes.


Aline Weber in DuJour/photographer Rafael Stahelin/Stylist Catherine Newell-Hanson.


Et gennemført hvidt-i-hvidt-outfit rocker altså for vildt. Specielt stylet med en chunky guldring og killer-sko.



FASHION // December 28th 2013

Anja Rubik is still one of my all-time favorite models. I would love her seventies look for New Year.


And speaking of New Year. Did you check out Luelle? Here you can win the perfect NYE dress from Designers Remix and necklace from Line & Jo. Go check it out - you still have a few hours to participate.


Anja Rubik er stadig en af mine favorit-modeller. Derudover vil jeg ikke have noget imod at have hendes 70'er look nytårsaften.


Og nu vi snakker om nytår. Har du tjekket Luelle ud? Der kan du vinde den perfekte nytårskjole fra Designers Remix og den smukkeste halskæde fra Line & Jo. Skynd dig at tjekke det ud. Du har stadig et par timer til at deltage.



FASHION // December 27th 2013

Had to flash it just one last time. I'm loving it that much.


Var nødt til lige at vise den en sidste gang. Så glad er jeg for den.



BEAUTY // December 26th 2013

NARS has a true cult following for a lot of their products. One of them being the Multiple Stick in the color Copacabana, another one being the Correcting Shade concealer. As you know, I already bought the Multiple Stick (read more here) but I also had to try out the concealer. It’s definitely one of the best ones I tried, so I’m sticking with it – and my favorite for those dark under-the-eyes-circles, the Clinique Airbrush concealer.


Nars Correcting Concealer, Clinique Airbrush Concealer


NARS har efterhånden opnået kultstatus for en del af deres produkter.  Blandt andet the Multiple Stick i farven Copacabana og Correcting Shade concealeren. Som I ved, så købte jeg førstnævnte i New York (I kan læse mere her), men jeg var selvfølgelig også nødt til at kaste penge efter concealeren, der er virkelig god. Helt sikkert en af de bedste jeg har prøvet, så jeg tænker, at jeg holder mig til den – samt min favorit til de irriterende mørke rander under øjnene, nemlig Cliniques Airbrush concealer.



FASHION // December 24th 2013

You can't be surprised (taking my previous post into consideration) that I really wish these gorgeous Dior Mise en Dior was under the tree for me tonight. I would wear them immediately and forever. Merry Christmas to you all.


Dior Mise en Dior tribal earrings


I bliver nok ikke overraskede over (min tidligere post taget i betragtning), at jeg virkelig ville ønske disse smukke Dior Mise en Dior lå under juletræet til mig i aften. Jeg ville tage dem på med det samme og bære dem for evigt. Glædelig jul til jer alle.




ACCESSORIES // December 23rd 2013

I've been loving these Céline mules for a very, very, very long time but I haven't been able to find them anywhere as they were completely sold out when I figured out I needed them. Fortunately Maiken and I decided to go to Woodbury Common Outlet while we were in New York, and right there, in the middle of the shoe-aisle in Barneys, there they were, waiting for me. And even in my size. I mean how lucky can one be? They are actually completely comfortable and I've already been wearing them on a night-out dancing. Now I just need to find them in leopard as well and I can move on. Did you ever experience this kind of luck?


And speaking of luck. Make sure to check out both Luellemag.com and Bisou.dk for your chance to win some amazing prices.


Jeg har været forelsket i de her Céline mules i virkelig lang tid, men da de har været udsolgt nærmest inden de kom på hylderne - eller i hvert fald siden jeg fandt ud af, jeg havde brug for dem, har de været helt umulige at opstøve. Derfor var det endnu mere syret at finde dem på Woodbury Common Outlet, som Maiken og jeg besøgte, da vi var i New York. Der stod de, midt i sko-afdelingen i Barneys, og endda i min størrelse. Alt, alt, alt for heldigt. De er virkelig gode og behagelige at have på og jeg har allerede brugt dem til en julefrokost, der bestod af dans det meste af natten. Nu mangler jeg bare at finde dem i leopard også, og så kan jeg ellers indstille jagten. Har I nogensinde været lige så heldige?


Og nu vi snakker om held, så skal I huske at kigge forbi både Luellemag.com og Bisou.dk, hvor I kan vinde virkelig gode julepræmier.



FASHION // December 21st 2013

What's not to love about this all-leopard-print outfit. So refreshing and brave.


Picture via Candice Lake




ACCESSORIES // December 21st 2013

My lust for pearls made me consider how to incorporate them in my New Year's Eve look in an inexpensive way. This lead my mind to the Chanel Spring Summer 2012 show. Here pearls were stuck onto brows, ears, nostrils and spines, all resembling piercings - and larger pearls were adhered to bobby pins and put in the wet, pulled-back hair. So pretty and feminine, but still so cool as it's quite non-traditional. So now I need to go visit my local bead-shop to finde faux pearls that I will attach to some bobby pins and place strategically in my hair. I might even try to place a few on my ears as well. An easy, festive and inexpensive way to update your party look.


Pictures via Street Peeper


Min besættelse af perler fik mig til at overveje hvordan jeg kunne inkludere dem i mit nytårslook på en let og billig måde. Det fik mig til at tænke på Chanels Spring Summer 2013 show, hvor perler var limet på øjenbryn, ører, næsebor og rygraden og næsten lignede piercinger. Også større perler var sat fast på hårnåle og sat i det våde, tilbagetrukket hår. Så smukt og feminint, men stadig utraditionelt og cool. Derfor har jeg nu besluttet, at jeg må en tur i min lokale hobby-butik og købe falske perler og hårnåle og placere dem casualt i mit hår. Måske jeg endda forsøger med et par perler limet på øret også. En nem, festlig og billig måde at opdaterer dit nytårslook.





FASHION // December 20th 2013

Marc Jacobs pays tribute to the muses that inspire him in the latest - and his final - Louis Vuitton campaign. For the Spring Summer 2014 collection he has enlisted actress Catherine Deneuve, director Sofia Coppola, model Gisele Bündchen, actress Fan Bingbing, model Caroline de Maigret and model Edie Campbell to star in a series of dark-mooded images, all wearing black, feathered looks from the Vuitton-runway. The images is shot by Steven Meisel and also features some of the fashion house's most famous bags, from the Noé to the monogrammed luggage and Stephen Sprouse sequins.


Marc Jacobs hylder i den seneste Louis Vuitton-kampagne - og hans sidste for det franske modehus - de muser, der inspirerer ham. På de smukke og moody billeder, der er skudt af Steven Meisel, ser man skuespillerinde Catherine Deneuve, instruktør Sofia Coppola, model Gisele Bündchen, skuespillerinde Fan Bingbing, model Caroline de Maigret og model Edie Campbell iført sorte og dystre items fra Spring Summer 2014-kollektionen. Billederne featurer også nogle af Louis Vuittons mest ikoniske tasker, fra Noé-modellen til monogram rejseserien og Stephen Sprouse palietterne.




BEAUTY // December 19th 2013

While in New York with my own personal beauty-expert, Maiken from Nouvelle, I was convinced that I definitely needed the Multiple Stick from Nars in my life - and looking back she was definitely right. It gives my skin a bit of glow, which is much needed at the moment. The winter always gives me such dull skin. I of course had to check out The Things We Do in order to learn how to use it. You can do the same right here.


Mens jeg var i New York med min egen personlige skønhedsekspert, Maiken fra Nouvelle, overbeviste hun mig om, at jeg bestemt havde brug for Nars' Multiple Stick i mit liv - og selvfølgelig havde hun helt ret. Den giver min kedelige, vinterhud noget glød, hvilket er yderst tiltrængt i øjeblikket. Jeg måtte selvfølgelig efterfølgende straks tjekke The Things We Do for at lære lidt mere om hvordan jeg brugte den - glød er pænt, perlemor over det hele, not so much. I kan selv tjekke hvordan og hvorledes lige her. 





FASHION // December 18th 2013

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That’s often how I feel when(finally) finding items that for some reason just work (it’s really hard sometimes). Maybe that’s why I went all in this time and bought the perfect top (works with jeans and skirts ✔, silk✔ , perfect fit ✔ , feminine and cool ✔)… in four colors: rose, yellow, white and black. Overkill I know but I use these tops all-the time. And I keep telling myself that as long as they are in a great quality, I will wear them until they fall apart. Let's put it to a test.


By Malene Birger silk tops


Hvis det ellers fungerer, hvorfor så ændre det? Sådan har jeg det ofte, når jeg (endelig) finder et item, der bare fungerer. Til tider kan det være virkelig svært at finde og måske derfor gik jeg også all-in, da jeg fandt den perfekte top (fungerer med både jeans og nederdele ✔, i silke✔, det perfekte fit ✔ , feminin og cool ✔) og købte den i flere farver: rosa, sort, gul og hvid. Overdrevent, jeg ved det, men jeg brugerdem konstant og jeg bilder mig selv ind, at så længe de er i en god kvalitet, vil de holde for evigt. Lad det komme på en prøve.





FASHION // December 17th 2013

One of my favorite singers and it-girls Rihanna has been revealed as the new face of Balmain and the brands' Spring Summer 2014 campaign. The campaign was shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in New York. I must say, I really like it.


En af mine yndlingssangere og it-girls Rihanna lægger ansigt til Balmains Spring Summer 2014 kampagne, der er skudt i New York af Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Jeg må sige, at jeg virkelig godt kan lide det.



FASHION // December 13th 2013

You see more and more marble print everywhere and I’m pretty sure it’s just going to escalate in the next few seasons to come. It’s somehow very contemporary, elegant, cool and at the same time very wearable. I’m really dreaming of all the above seven items. All so pretty.


Det er som om vi ser mere og mere marmorprint i modebilledet og jeg er ret sikker på, at det bliver meget, meget mere i de kommende par sæsoner. Det er på en eller anden måde er det meget moderne, elegant, cool og alligevel utrolig let at have på. Jeg drømmer helt vildt om at få fingrene i de her 7 items. Alt sammen så pænt, så pænt.


My My Copenhagen marble box, My My Copenhagen marble notebook, Safe House USA white marble duvet, Safe USA black marble duvet, Zara marble skirt, Zara marble shirt, Soulland faux Playtype t-shirt



ACCESSORIES // December 13th 2013

Another perfect ear piece is definitely the Stine Goya by Trine Tuxen ear cuff. Looks so cool plus it’s actually affordable. I must say, I really like non-traditional jewelry as they hasvemore of an edge.  


Endnu et helt perfekt smykke er Stine Goya by Trine Tuxen ear cuff. Den ser alt for sejt ud på - plus den er rent faktisk til at betale. Jeg kan ret godt lide mindre traditionelle smykker, da de har lidt mere kant end traditionelle.


Pictures: Stine Goya, STOP IT RIGHT NOW



ACCESSORIES // December 12th 2013

Not too much of a jewelry person unfortunately. I really wish I was as I love when others wear tons of gold rings but I somehow forget to put them on. Also I actually really need to get me some more rings in order to be able to stack them on. One ring I do however remember to wear is this little gem from Line & Jo called Miss Rayne. I choose it for my little fingers as I like that it’s not to traditional and boring (not that all classic jewelry are, but you get my drift).


Jeg går desværre ikke rigtig med smykker, mest af alt fordi jeg egentlig bare glemmer at få dem på. Jeg ville dog virkelig ønske min hukommelse kunne blive lidt bedre, da jeg synes, det er for cool med ”stakkevis” af ringe på hænderne. Dog skal jeg også have udvidet min smykkesamling kraftigt, hvis det skal kunne lade sig gøre. En ring jeg dog husker er min lille juvel Miss Rayne fra Line & Jo. Jeg valgte den til lillefingeren, da det ikke er så traditionelt og kedeligt (dermed ikke sagt at alle klassiske smykker er kedelige, men I forstår hvad jeg mener).


Pictures by Thomas Degner.



FASHION // December 10th 2013

More proof why great basics takes you such a long way. Notice how you can combine and mix things up - and in that way create multiple different outfits - with relatively few pieces. All you need is a pair of jeans with a great fit, a chunky knit, a woolen oversize coat, a crisp white shirt, the perfect slouchy tee, a classic heel, some cool black sneakers and those edgy boots- Throw on some cool accessories and you are all-set to go.

Source: Garance Doré, le-21eme, Carven, They All Hate Us 



December 9th 2013

One of the nail colors I continously go back to is the grey/brownish color - most often referred to as taupe. I think, it goes great with all seasons and I always feel so elegant when wearing it. The first one I had was the version from OPI called Over the Taupe, then I went for 505 Particuliére from Chanel. Now I'm loving the 104 Greige from Giorgio Armani. I guess, I can justify buying it since the others are more or less empty or dried-out.





BEAUTY // December 8th 2013

If you are anything like me, you hate cleansing you skin but you also know it's a no-go not to. So my bad conscience really pushes me to do it every night. I always go for a cleanser with a soapy-kind-of-feel, my favorite at the moment definitely being Beauté Pacifique Mousse Nettoyant. Another beauty favorite, perhaps my #1 at the moment, is my Clarasonic. It really cleanses and makes my routines so much easier. Apparently it cleanses the skin 6 times better than by hand alone. I did experience some breakouts to begin with but that goes away - just make sure to get the right brushes. When I changed to the ones for sensible skin, it really helped.






ACCESSORIES // December 6th 2013

One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe is my Dries Van Noten shirt fra SS13. I had to hunt it down as it was sold out everywhere - but lucky strike I found it in Helsinki. It's actually quite versatile - though I love going all-in on the burgundy and most often wear it with my burgundy leather pants - but a black leather skirt looks great too. And jeans for that matter. I just booked an appointment at Palma. As you can see I definitely need to do something about the hair. An ever-returning subject... Should I go shorter, darker, ombre, ohh all these choices...



LOOK // November 24th 2013

The company Christmas dinner last night was a huge success and after a whole night in heels, I was pretty happy about my new sneakers this morning when I was out walking my dog. These are my favorite pair from Rezet Store and if it's yours too, now is you chance to get a hold of them as Rezet is offering you a 15 percent discount on this exact pair. Just type in the discount code BSS_TSC.

Remember to follow the BISOU selection sneakers on #bisouselectionsneakers @thestylecavalry @rezetstore @bisoudk. Also check out more on on BISOU news right here.



BEAUTY // November 23rd 2013

Tonight I'm off to the annual Christmas party with my colleagues from By Malene Birger. The dress code is of course something By Malene Birger, so I think I'm gonna wear a classic LBD. I'm not really in the mood for something to colorful at the moment. I'm planning on spicing up the look with some all-red lips. Fortunately I bought the best kit for exactly that while I was in New York: the MAC prep+prime, a lip liner and the Lady Danger red lipstick. Watch out! Get the guide to the perfect red lip right here.



EDITORIALS // November 12th 2013

Pure perfection. I cannot believe how gorgeous Daria Werbowy looks in this editorial for French Madame Figaro. That hair! That make-up! That wollen jacket! I die! Just beautiful. Another perfect example that less truly is more.


INTERIOR // November 11th 2013

These chairs and stools from Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek will definitely bring some personality - and femininity - into my practically all-black living room. I'm utterly in love with them and will put them on top of my Christmas wishlist right now, just above some Sophie Bille Brahe jewelery, an Anne Sofie Madsen poster and a new wallet.

Check out more about Piet Hein Eek right here.


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