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My Sleep Sanctuary

My bedroom is my sleep sanctuary. Not only do I spend a third of my life in the bedroom by sleeping seven to nine hours a night, but it’s also important because it’s where I begin and end each day. Still in the past it’s also been the room I neglected the most. But not anymore since they way you design the space, including the colors you use and what you sleep in can affect the way you sleep dramatically. You already seen snak peek’s into my bedroom previously (here, here and here) and today it’s all about the bedding blankets, pillows and bedding. I always go for bedding (that’s anti-wrinkle) in soft colors that goes with the walls –  in champagne, grey, ivory or silver. it has a soothing effect on both the room and myself. My pillows and blankets are from Hästens and honestly I cannot remember sleeping as tight as since I got it. The only problem? It’s nearly impossible to get up in the morning because they are just so comfortable.


Tables from Ox Danmarq, lamps from Arne Jacobsen, Playtype letter, Hästens pillows, blankets and bedding.


In collaboration with Hästens.




Find balance

“Have an eye for symmetry. There should always be a hierarchy of elements within the space. Even the most maximalist rooms should possess a cohesive dialogue with well-balanced, thoughtful dimensions.”

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