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An overview of my personal favorites – and true wardrobe mainstay’s – from the By Malene Birger sale.

Pic. 1: Gisellas leather jacket You know how much I love leather jackets and this one is no exception. The embossed leather gives the jacket an update take while the shape makes sure it remains a classic. I’ve been wearing mine a lot as a cardigan as well. It’s a great way to ensure your leather jackets are used all year round.
Pic 2: Taliaga cape The cape is still expensive but it you have the cash, you definitely won’t regret it. Works perfectly over the Gisellas leather jacket but it also looks great with the Alfredah shirt to give the ladylike look a bit of edge.
Pic 3: Ninahi boots
With just the right 70’s vibe these boots are great for underneath a midi skirt (this one is perfect) or over a pair of skinny jeans. I’m a big fan of mine since they can change my look in a matter of minutes.
Pic 4: Alfredah shirt A cool take on the flannel shirt – here a contemporary version with embellishments. Make every day a bit more interesting with a bit of sparkle. I often wear mine when I have (festive) plans after work – this shirt works for everything.
Pic 5: Zabina coat The perfect in-between season’s coat. Warm enough for Autumn with a leather jacket underneath or over a t-shirt for Spring-time. I even brought mine to Los Angeles and it was the perfect cover-up.
Pic 6: Germana leather pants If you feel like adding another pair of leather pants to your wardrobe that are not leggings, these pants are perfect. I’ve been using mine non-stop ever since I got them. I love the loose fit that works great with both a t-shirt and a knit.
Pic 7: Prospera jacket
The bomberjacket has been in style quite a few seasons now and I’m sure it’s staying. Therefore I like how this version is more chic but still somehow classic. I’ve been wearing mine with both jeans and a leather skirt. When the weather warms up, I’m going to use it with a pair of distressed denim shorts.
Pic 8: Kirah top I’m not lying when I say that I have at least 8 silk tops from By Malene Birger (from different seasons) and each season I end up buying more. They are absolute essentials in my wardrobe and I always end up wearing them when going out. I recommend both the white and the black – trust me, you can never have enough.


Besides these favorites I also recommend: the Rhapsody coat, the Venusta cardigan, the Sanitras pantiesthe Anadrian bra, the Wallikan weekender, the Kallinca coat and the Double dress.



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