I’m addicted to cleansing my skin. I didn’t use to but after reading somewhere that your skin age 28 days for each time you go to bed with a dirty face, I completely changed my habits. I switch between a few different cleansers, mostly foams from Tromborg, Rudolph Care and Beauté Pacifique and I always – ALWAYS – use my Clarisonic. But after reading an article about it I’ve decided to start only using it at night which left me in a hassle (I’m addicted to a thorough cleanse) so I decided to give the konjac sponge a try and I must say, it’s a great (morning) alternative to the Clarisonic. The sponge is made out of a starchy root called the konjac and has been an exfoliating mainstay in Asia for years. Apparently you don’t even have to use a cleanser but foam-addicted as I am, I’m keeping it in the equation. The result? I’m definitely feeling more of a glow – and it’s undoubtedly gentler than the Clarisonic. So the konjac is staying for my morning cleansing rituals and I’ll keep washing a whole day’s of makeup and dirt of my face with the Clarisonic.  


Get your own konjac sponge at your local pharmacy or online right here.


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