I’m rather fascinated by the concept the perfect basic wardrobe. Is there such a thing and is it really possible to set up these universally applicable rules?  I guess so…. at least more than once I’ve come across these fashionable and inspiring ladies and when I try to strip down what they are wearing, it’s most often a pair of well-fitted jeans, an oversize cool t-shirt and a pair of loafers or sneakers – changed for a pair of heels for night. I always think that next time, this is the outfit I should go for, but when next time arrives, my wardrobe really seems to lack these crucial pieces. Over at Luelle we’ve try to identify the 10 most important pieces in every woman’s wardrobe and I wanted to see which pieces, I actually need myself:

1. A plain tee in white, grey and black
2. A black leather jacket
3. A pair of classic black jeans
4. A pair of black classic pumps
5. A LBD
6. A black leather skirt
7. A pair of black leather leggings
8. A cashmere cardigan/sweater
9. Black ankle boots
10. A black leather bag

I crossed off the ones I already got covered, but that leaves me with six items, I need to get my hands on. I would be lying if I’d say I didn’t have a white or black tee or a leather skirt – but just not those perfect pieces. But the question is… where do I find them? Suggestions please…

One of the girls that has a really, really, really amazing basic wardrobe is Marta Cygan from Life of Boheme. Check out her wardrobe right here.

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