I need a new bag. Well… to be honest I don’t NEED it, but I want it. One of the bags I currently use the most is my green Céline Trio bag and it definitely needs a break, but on the other hand, it’s just so practical as it is cross-body and has three rooms which carries all my s… perfectly. Therefore I’m thinking of getting the larger version in navy. I know it’s a bit overkill but it just works for me.

Available at Céline

In a time of logos (yes, they are back) and show-your-support, I’m kind of obsessing over the LPD New York t-shirts. Looks so comfy and cool … plus I get a chance to back my favorite designer. Now I just need to decide who that is. Slimane, Philo,  Ghesquière or Margiela?

Available at Net-A-Porter

Maiken aka. miss Nouvelle loves beauty and therefore she’s always my go-to-expert whenI need beauty advice. Lately she’s been raving about the hand creme from Sampar and after trying it out, I do see she has a point. Never have my hands been any softer. I’m definitely stocking up on this one when I’ll be travelling to Paris in September.

Available at

What’s the point in buying all this clothes if I don’t fit into it. I’ve kind of gotten out of the whole training rythm which is truly a pain because I did so good last year. But the whole getting a puppy, moving to Berlin, working like crazy and then moving back to Copenhagen completely f….. it up for me, but I will have no more of it. So I’m headed back to the gym – but on those days where the gym just seem to horrendous, I really want to get some (black) weights so I can do the workout at home. But remember girls: no pain, no gain. We need more than to two kg weights. Now let me see if I can shift the weight before jeans time aka. winter. Who’s in? And where do I find some pretty black ones?

Damn you Tikkie, now I’m not only craving a new camera but also the Hermés camera strap. I really need the camera to do more frequent outfit posts for you guys (of course with the help from my fave-photographer in the world) but who wants a camera without a pretty camera strap? Good thing Hermés comes so cheap…..

Picture credits: Pinterest, Nouvelle, Garance Doré, Adélie,

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