Nu vi er ved emnet Carine Roitfeld, så er det i dag du kan købe damens kollektion for MAC og i den forbindelse er jeg nysgerrig og vil høre mere om damens egne makeup-vaner. Heldigvis har lavet et interview. Læs resten her.

One can’t-live-without product?
A black eye pencil. You can do it all if you have a black eye pencil.

For the fingernails?
I like just two colors: transparent or French red.

For the lips
I don’t particularly care for color on the lips, so I chose a hydrating nude lipstick

The star of the collection?
Since I’ve always wanted a beauty spot like Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe, the two things that I added were these little star stencils that you can fill in and draw your own beauty spot. You can put them anywhere you want.

What will you pass on to your granddaughter?
There are two things. The first, which I don’t do as often as I should, is washing her face before bed. And the second? Wearing sunblock. All the time, wear sunblock. Especially on your neck and your hands.

Carine Roitfeld’s collection for Mac hits the store today and for the first time ever, I’m kinda intrigued. I really wanted to read more about Carine’s own makeup habits and luckily did an interview with her. Read the rest of it here.



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