A little less than a year ago I tried incorporating the 5 piece French wardrobe-principle into my shopping. It didn’t go that well but I’m thinking of giving it another try in the new year. Thus with a different set of rules or a moderation of the rules and simply focusing on building the perfect wardrobe. Before I go ahead and tell you more about what I’m thinking, I’m gonna re-post my 5 piece French wardrobe post I did earlier – just so we’re on the same page.


Post 1.

Have you ever heard of the 5-piece French wardrobe principle? Maybe? Yes? No? I hadn’t until I read a post about it at Sabrina. It’s about that each season you only buy five on-trend items which combined with your basic clothing can keep your wardrobe up-to-date. Thus said, it’s obviously important to have a decent basic wardrobe (which I haven’t, but back to that later). Focus should be on quality (fit and material) and not quantity. This usually also means that the price is slightly higher but in return you also have some items that you can keep forever.

You can make your own rules … My rules are that besides these five things I am also allowed to buy good basic items in a good quality (it may be high-street, it may be luxury – just as long as the quality is good). In addition, I will endeavor that the 5 on-trend items can still be used in 5 years (so they probably may not be 100 percent on-trend). Additionally I have the following rules:

– Tights and underwear, etc. don’t count (you need both)

– Accessories do count – except a few from Line & Jo that I’ve been in love with for some time (I’d rather have a few good jewelry, etc.)

My goal throughout this is to create a more cohesive, minimalisic wardrobe with a few stand-out pieces.


Post 2.

In the future I will try to shop after the 5-piece French wardrobe principle. I have considered which on-trend items I will invest in and have come to the conclusion that they might not be spot-on on-trend but all items I think I will have for years and some of them I have even been in love with for a long time). Over time these so-called on-trend items may be more trend-based, but as long as I’m trying to build a solid wardrobe, it will probably be more expensive basic items, although still in the moment. But on with it ….. My on-trend items will be: 1. Celine Boston-bag: I fell in love with the beige Boston bag the second I saw it in Luisaviaroma. A great everyday bag with room for my Mac and other necessities. I love the color and though the black is more classic, I have to have it in beige. 2. Celine box flap or clasp calfskin shoulder bag: I absolutely love both bags and I do need a small black bag. I’m slightly in doubt about the size of the clasp-bag and if it is completely flat (if it is, it will def. be the box bag).  3. Rick Owens leather jacket: I’ve had some leather jackets, but have actually sold them all because they were not exactly as I want them to be. Therefore, my next leather jacket purchase will be from Rick Owens. But which of his leather jackets are actually the original? – can one of you guide me here? 4. Alexander Wang  label pocketed leather shorts: leather shorts have been a trend for some seasons now and yet I still haven’t purchased a pair in black. I think they will be in my wardrobe for many years and will help me in times of (clothing) crisis. It might end up being a pair from Philip Lim – I’m not sure yet (which pair do you think?) 5. I still haven’t decided on the last item (if there will be another item). I am considering different things: YSL plateau heels, cork-wedges (not necessarily from YSL),  something leopard or perhaps something.. yeah completley else? It is important to emphasize that this is not an attempt to buy a lot of expensive designer items but rather an attempt to avoid overspending by actually buying the things I want, need and can have forever. And to avoid impulse purchases that I use 3 times and then throw away. Please feel free to share advice, tips, ideas and thoughts. Maybe some of you even want to join the 5-piece French wardrobe-experience. I already bought one of the things – can you guess which?


Post 3.

My first purchase according to the 5-Piece French Wardrobe principle is obviously the Céline Boston bag in beige. At first I didn’t buy it when I saw it at Luisaviaroma in Florence, but I managed to regret it before I even found my seat on the plane. Fortunately Luisaviaroma’s sweet PR woman helping me and now the bag is mine. Unfortunately, it can not be purchased online, since Celine has – so far – chosen not to make use of web-commerce (at least not in relations to their bags) but I think it will come sooner or later.


Post 4.

I am – as you know – trying to follow the 5-piece French wardrobe-principle and at the same time trying to build a solid basic wardrobe. I have already crossed one on-trend item of the list and now I can cross off another. I bought the Rick Owens leather jacket… How is it going with those of you who decided to try it out as well?

Pictures via The Dead Fleurette

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